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IEEE COMMAG Seeks New Editor-in-Chief

The IEEE Communication Society (ComSoc) invites nominations for the position of Editor-in-Chief for the IEEE Communications Magazine (ComMag) for a two–year term starting on 1 January  2024.

This award-winning magazine brings you the latest international coverage of current issues and advances in key areas of wireless, optical and wired communications. Written in tutorial applications-driven style by the industry's leading experts, IEEE Communications Magazine delivers practical, current information on hot topics, implementations, and best industry practices. This monthly magazine becomes your single most important source of state-of-the-science communications information.

Updated IEEE official scope June 2022: IEEE Communications Magazine provides timely information on all aspects of (electrical/electronic) communications. The magazine covers services (telecommunications, multimedia, Internet and digital), network (including its softwarization, as well as underlying infrastructure) and device technology, support systems, transversal topics like artificial intelligence applied to telecommunications, market trends, strategy and regulatory issues. Articles are tutorial in nature and written in a style comprehensible to readers outside the specialty of the article. These articles are complemented with non-indexed columns.

  • Considered by most to be their most important member benefit
  • Elsevier Scopus CiteScore rank 2021 percentile 99th: Category Computer Science Computer Science Applications #3/747 & Computer Networks and Communications #2/359; Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering #6/708. Monthly periodical with more cites in telecommunications category (also one of the top periodicals in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and top 5 in Telecommunications by Journal Citation Report-Article Influence Score prestige indicator: diversified citations e.g. 3616 cites in 2021 to items published in the previous 2 years, by 8,837 authors of 2,526 affiliations - 97 countries - in 3,124 publications from 717 publication titles: Clarivate Web of Science, © Copyright Clarivate 2022. All rights reserved); top 2 (venue including conferences) in Computer Networks & Wireless Communication (Google Scholar)
  • One of the top 4 most subscribed IEEE indexed periodicals with almost over 30k digital subscribers and several thousand print
  • IEEE magazine with most downloads in IEEExplore and with highest number of submissions
  • Flagship IEEE publication
  • Award-winner authors (IEEE Medal of HonorIEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal, ComSoc Career Awards: Edwin Howard Armstrong Achievement /  Distinguished Industry Leader Award...): Andrew ViterbiVint CerfYann LeCunSiavash AlamoutiRobert KahnG. David Forney Jr.John M. CioffiAndrea Goldsmith...
  • Highest peer-review quality with a minimum of 3 diverse reviewers, editor recommendation and EiC/AEiC decision (with full ethics compliance)
  • Timeliness:
    • 90-day IEEE limit for decision making
    • Average weeks to final decision: 7
    • Early access (best case of 1 working day after final files)
  • Highest production quality: copyeditting, magazine colour production...
  • Industry: relevant presence:
    • editorial board
    • subscribers
  • Best user experience for authors: IEEE Author Portal (single sign-on with IEEE account, automatic metadata extraction...), Paperpal Preflight (Artificial Intelligence tool to help authors with language issues), fully digital process (electronic Copyright Form...)

To become a volunteer of the IEEE Communications Magazine Editorial Board, please fill out the online application.

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IEEE Communications Magazine May 2023 Cover

IEEE Communications Magazine May 2023

Integrating Sensing into Communications in Multi-Functional Networks
Internet of Things
Military Communications and Networks

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