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Call for Papers

The way identity is handled on the internet today suffers from many limitations. Current deployments deprive users form the ability to control their own identities or data. In an era of massive data breaches, it is surprising that most identity-based systems still rely on something that “you know” when performing basic identity vetting or “know your customer” flows. Users have a limited ability to control, profit or even know what happens to their data after they provide consent. Identity data still lives in silos where; identity data can be exchanged and traded without user inclusion or participation.

The emergence of new technologies such as Distributed Ledger Technologies, Cloud, and new standards such as Verifiable Claims and Fast Identity Online are finally shifting the balance back to the people in terms of creating alternative ways of achieving trusted “Peer to Peer” secure identity layer. Decentralized identity systems have the potential to balance the playing field where consent can be managed, data ownership and privacy is better defined, and exchanged based on trust frameworks powered by blockchain or distributed ledgers. Decentralized identity systems can transform the digital identity filed into trusted relationships model of equal peers. It seems that many factors are coming together to finally enable and define the missing identity internet layer.

This Feature Topic (FT) welcomes technical papers and vision setting articles from industry, academia, and formal or informal standardization activities, addressing major disruptive trends concerned with evolving decentralized identity, consent, privacy, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. All submissions need to include standardization aspects to be in scope of the IEEE standards magazine. In particular, this issue seeks submissions on a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • Security, privacy, and identity issues related to Blockchain communications
  • Decentralized identity trust frameworks, governance frameworks, and zero knowledge proofs
  • Uses cases for federated and/or Decentralized Identity
  • Wallet Security and Interoperability
  • Verifiable claims/credentials, Decentralized Identity Protocols, and trust relationships
  • Open consent, Managing consent, privacy, and compliance
  • Applications and Implementation of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Know Your Customer platforms
  • Managing trust, distributed PKI, and secure peer to peer communication for decentralized identity
  • Interoperability, portability, name space identifier, and resolution of decentralized identity
  • Self-sovereign identity systems scalability, adoption and deployment
  • Potable identity, Agents, Password-less authentication and strong wallet authentication

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts should conform to the standard format as indicated in the Information for Authors section of the Paper Submission Guidelines.

All manuscripts to be considered for publication must be submitted by the deadline through Manuscript Central. Select the “December 2019/The Dawn of the Internet Identity Layer and the Role of Decentralized Identity” topic from the drop-down menu of Topic/Series titles.

Important Dates

Manuscript Submission Deadline: 6 July 2019
Decision Notification: 15 August 2019
Final Manuscript Due: 15 September 2019
Publication Date: December 2019

Guest Editors

Abbie Barbir

Drummond Reed
Evernym, USA

Manu Sporny
Digital Bazaar, USA

Alan Bachmann

Oscar Avellaneda
ISED , Canada

Joni Brennan

Eve Maler

Pamela Dingle

Kim Hamilton Duffy
W3C Credentials Community Group