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Call for Special Issue Articles

Special Issue Title Publication Date Manuscript Submission Deadline
The Internet of Military Defense Things (IoMDT): State-of-the-Art, Challenges, Future Evolution, and Revolutionary Applications First Quarter 2025
Ambient Internet of Things and Near-Zero Energy Communications First Quarter 2025
IoT Security and Provisioning in Cyber-Enabled Niche Critical Infrastructure Third Quarter 2024
Federated Learning for Industrial Internet of Things Third Quarter 2024 Closed
Generative Artificial Intelligence at the Edge in the Modern Internet of Things Second Quarter 2024 Closed
Flexible Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Integrated Air-to-Ground Internet of Things: Architecture, Recent Advances, and Future Applications First Quarter 2024 Closed
Technical Advancements in NTN-Assisted Internet-of-Things: Global Connectivity from Sky First Quarter 2024 Closed
Integrating Sensing and Communication for Ubiquitous Internet of Things First Quarter 2024 Closed
Task-Oriented Communications and Networking for the Internet of Things (IoT) Closed
6G Mission-Critical Internet of Thing: Services and Enabling Technologies Closed
Ubiquitous Intelligence for Internet of Vehicles Closed
Data Science Driven Intelligent IoT Closed
Privacy, Trust and Reputation Management in Internet of Vehicles (IoV) Closed
Multi-Access Networking for Extended Reality and Metaverse Closed
Network Application Software for Vertical IoT Industry Closed
Pervasive, Efficient and Smart Signal Processing for IoT Closed
The Internet of Time-Critical Things: Advances and Challenges in Computing and Communications Closed
Emerging Trends and Challenges in Internet-of-Underwater-Things Closed
Deep Learning Assisted Visual IoT Technologies for Critical Infrastructure Protection Closed
An End-to-End Machine Learning Perspective on Industrial IoT Closed
Secure Communications over The Internet of Artificially Intelligent Things Closed
Internet-of-Drones: Novel Applications, Recent Deployments and Integration Closed
Internet of Medical Things in the Context of COVID-19 Closed
Internet of Things for E-Health Applications Closed
Smart IoT Solutions for Combating COVID-19 Pandemic Closed
IoT and the Environment Closed
Computational Intelligence in Internet of Everything Closed
Blockchain-Enabled Industrial Internet of Things: Advances, Applications, and Challenges Closed
Communications for IoT – Connectivity & Networking Closed