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Call for Special Issue Articles

Special Issue Title Publication Date Manuscript Submission Deadline
Technical Advancements in NTN-Assisted Internet-of-Things: Global Connectivity from Sky
Integrating Sensing and Communication for Ubiquitous Internet of Things
Flexible Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Integrated Air-to-Ground Internet of Things: Architecture, Recent Advances, and Future Applications
Task-Oriented Communications and Networking for the Internet of Things (IoT)
6G Mission-Critical Internet of Thing: Services and Enabling Technologies
Ubiquitous Intelligence for Internet of Vehicles
Data Science Driven Intelligent IoT Closed
Privacy, Trust and Reputation Management in Internet of Vehicles (IoV) Closed
Multi-Access Networking for Extended Reality and Metaverse Closed
Network Application Software for Vertical IoT Industry Closed
Pervasive, Efficient and Smart Signal Processing for IoT Closed
The Internet of Time-Critical Things: Advances and Challenges in Computing and Communications Closed
Emerging Trends and Challenges in Internet-of-Underwater-Things Closed
Deep Learning Assisted Visual IoT Technologies for Critical Infrastructure Protection Closed
An End-to-End Machine Learning Perspective on Industrial IoT Closed
Secure Communications over The Internet of Artificially Intelligent Things Closed
Internet-of-Drones: Novel Applications, Recent Deployments and Integration Closed
Internet of Medical Things in the Context of COVID-19 Closed
Internet of Things for E-Health Applications Closed
Smart IoT Solutions for Combating COVID-19 Pandemic Closed
IoT and the Environment Closed
Computational Intelligence in Internet of Everything Closed
Blockchain-Enabled Industrial Internet of Things: Advances, Applications, and Challenges Closed
Communications for IoT – Connectivity & Networking Closed