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The IEEE Internet of Things Magazine (IEEE-IoTM) is soliciting creative Special Issue (SI) proposals to complement its Vertical Areas (Smart City, Industrial IoT, Connected Vehicles and Connected IoT Services) and General Open Call publication tracks. An SI is a collection of articles focusing on a timely and momentous narrow-scope subject of interest to the readership of the magazine. Such articles must not duplicate other publication tracks and must offer opportunities for manuscript streams that differ from traditional articles submitted to the Vertical Areas and General Open Call.

Potential Guest Editors (GEs) interested in organizing an SI are invited to submit a proposal to the IEEE IoTM’s Manuscript Central. SI Proponents must read and fully understand the IEEE Internet of Things Magazine’s Guidelines for Authors, Reviewers and Editors and must literally follow the Guide to Proposing and Organizing Special Issues. Proposals not taking all of the magazine’s guidelines into full consideration cannot be accepted. It is highly recommended that the Lead GE (LGE) submits the proposal’s document (preferably in PDF format) through the magazine’s Manuscript Central. The proposal’s document must include the topic, its motivation, the plan for advertising the SI (if accepted), the proposed list of GEs. However, it is of utmost importance that the LGE contacts the EiC or AEiC to discuss the above-listed aspects of before taking the time to prepare an actual proposal for submission and/or getting in touch with candidate GEs and have them committed for this matter.

Thus far, the readership of the IEEE IoTM is interested in all topics as described in the above-mentioned guidelines.

Guide to Proposing Special Issues