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Lead image for IEEE ComSoc Publications page. Abstract globe and world background.
Topic Submission Due Date Publication Date
IoT and Smart Cities December 2018 June 2019
Sensors and Actuators for IoT February 2019 September 2019
IoT and Agriculture May 2019 December 2019
Communications for IoT – Connectivity and Networking August 2019 March 2020
IoT and the Environment November 2019 June 2020
AI for IoT February 2020 September 2020
IoT and Privacy May 2020 December 2020
Standards for IoT August 2020 March 2021
IoT and Defense November 2020 June 2021
Data Storage and Platforms for IoT February 2021 September 2021
Industrial IoT 4.0 – Manufacturing and Automation May 2021 December 2021

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