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Paper Topic Publication Date Manuscript Submission Deadline
AI-Powered Telco Network Automation: 5G Evolution and 6G
Coexistence of Drone and Terrestrial Networks
AI for Open Programmable Virtualized Networks in 6G
Quantum Technology for 5G/6G Wireless Communication Systems: Applications, Opportunities and Challenges
Artificial Intelligence Enabled Internet of UAVs Communications Closed
Blockchain and Industry 4.0 in Resilient Wireless Communications Closed
Smart Communication Protocols and Algorithms for Resilient Mobile Networks Closed
Enhanced Fronthaul for 5G and Beyond Closed
Deep Learning Driven Secure Communication for Cyber Physical Systems Closed
Smart, Optimal, and Explainable Orchestration of Network Slices in 5G and Beyond Networks Closed
6G: The Paradigm for Future Wireless Communications Closed
Intelligent Surfaces for 5G and Beyond Closed
Empowering Sustainable Energy Infrastructures via AI-Assisted Wireless Communications Closed
Cognitive and Intelligent Internet-of-Things for 5G-Enabled Smart City Closed
Aerial Computing: Drones for Multi-Access Edge Computing Closed
Massive Machine-Type Communications for IoT Closed
Emerging Visual IoT Technologies for Future Communications and Networks Closed
5GB Remote e-Health Closed
The Future of eHealth: Applications, Solutions and New Visions in the IoT Era Closed
Edge Intelligence for Beyond 5G Networks Closed
Full Duplex Communications Theory, Standardization and Practice Closed
Service-Oriented Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks Closed
Spectrum and Energy Efficient Wireless Communications Closed
Challenges and Novel Solutions for 5G Network Security, Privacy and Trust Closed
Advances in Security and Privacy Techniques in Emerging Wireless Networks Closed
Artificial Intelligence-Driven Fog Radio Access Networks (F-RANs): Recent Advances and Future Trends Closed
Intelligent Radio: When Artificial Intelligence Meets Radio Network Closed
Future Communication Trends towards Internet of Things Services and Applications Closed
Safeguarding 5G-and-Beyond Networks with Physical Layer Security Closed
Emerging Information and Communication Technologies for Autonomous Driving Closed
Artificial Intelligence for Cognitive Wireless Communications Closed
Space Information Networks Closed
Integrating UAVs into 5G and Beyond Closed
Security and Privacy in the Wireless Internet of Things: Emerging Trends and Challenges Closed
5G Testing and Field Trials Closed