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Radia Perlman

Radia Perlman is a Fellow at Dell Technologies. Her inventions have shaped the Internet, including robust, scalable, and autoconfiguring routing technology. She also invented the spanning tree algorithm, which is what 'Ethernet' is today. She also has made contributions in network security, including scalable data expiration, distributed algorithms despite malicious participants, DDOS prevention techniques, and user authentication. She has been recognized with many industry honors including induction into the National Academy of Engineering, the Inventor Hall of Fame, The Internet Hall of Fame, and lifetime achievement awards from Usenix and SIGCOMM. She holds over 100 patents, and has a PhD in computer science from MIT.

Lecture Topics
  • Network Protocols: Myths, Missteps, and Mysteries
  • How to Build an Insecure System out of Perfectly Good Cryptography
  • Distributed Trust: Is “Blockchain” the best approach?
Virtual Lecture Topics
  • What is distributed trust, and is blockchain the best solution?
  • How to build an insecure system out of perfectly good cryptography
  • Network Protocols: Myths, Missteps, and Mysteries
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