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Raffaele Giaffreda

Raffaele Giaffreda is a Chief IoT Scientist at Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) and Chief Innovation Officer at Tessa Agritech srl, Italy. He has worked in telecom R&D environment since the beginning of his career, focusing in the last decade on IoT, agritech and related technology-transfer activities. In his role, he is now responsible for setting research and innovation directions, acquisition of funding and for the execution of a number of collaborative projects and technology transfer initiatives in the IoT and agriculture domain. Raffaele worked in Italy and in the UK (over 10 years), acquiring experience in both, corporate telco environments (R&D of BT and Telecom Italia) as well as in a small research organisation (CREATE-NET before its merge in FBK) where the ability to acquire funding was key in ensuring continuity of operations. He is a recognised IoT expert with a substantial record of IEEE publications and conference presentations, a patent and various book chapters and tutorials on IoT. He is an experienced speaker and chair of IoT related events, he serves as the Editor in Chief of the IEEE IoT Newsletter and he is TPC in a number of international conferences.

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