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Shahrokh Valaee

I am a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto. I am a member of the Communications Group, and my research is on Signal Processing and Wireless Networks. In signal processing, my research focuses on localization of wireless terminals in areas where GPS signal is not available. I am also interested in Machine Learning for Medical Imaging. In wireless networks, we work on scheduling for 5G networks which also includes Vehicular Networks.

Lecture Topics
  • Indoor Localization of Wireless Nodes
  • Positioning in 5G and beyond
  • Vehicular Communication and Networking
  • Machine Learning with Imbalanced Data
  • Pruning of Deep Neural Networks
  • Scheduling in Cellular and Vehicular Environment
  • Network Reoptimization for 6G and UAV-assisted networks
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Lecture Term Date