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Stefano Bregni Photo
IEEE Division III Director & Director, Conference Operations

Prof. Stefano Bregni (M'93-SM'99) is with Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He graduated in Electronics Engineering (1990). After nine years in Industry, he joined Politecnico in 1999. He contributed to ETSI/ITU-T Standards. He is author of 100+ papers and of a recognized book on network synchronization (Wiley, 2002).

He is an active IEEE ComSoc volunteer. He has been a voting member of the IEEE Conferences Committee (2019-2020). In ComSoc, he holds or has held the following leadership positions: Director of Conference Operations (2022-23), Vice-President for Conferences (2020-21, 2018-2019), Vice-President for Member and Global Activities (2016-2017, 2014-2015), Board of Governors Member-at-Large (2013, 2010-12), Director of Education (2010-2011, 2008-2009), GITC member (2006–2009), Chair of the Transmission, Access and Optical Systems (TAOS) Technical Committee (2008–2009). He served as IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer for 7 years (2003–2009). He is Editor-in-Chief of Global Communications Newsletter (since 2007) and Associate Editor of IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials.

He has led several top IEEE ComSoc conferences, including: Technical Program Co-Chair/Vice-Chair of GLOBECOM 2023, ICC 2016, GLOBECOM 2012 and GLOBECOM 2009, Vice General Chair of GLOBECOM 2022, Symposium Co-Chair in nine other ICC/GLOBECOMs, Chair of the LATINCOM Steering Committee. He is co-founder and Co-Chair of the IEEE ComSoc Student Competition. He received the 2014 ComSoc Hal Sobol Award for Exemplary Service to Meetings & Conferences and the 2019 IEEE ComSoc/KICS Exemplary Global Service Award.