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Stefano Bregni
Vice President, Conferences

Prof. Stefano Bregni (M'93-SM'99) is with Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He graduated in Electronics Engineering (1990). After nine years in Industry, he joined Politecnico in 1999. He contributed to ETSI/ITU-T Standards. He is author of 90+ papers and of a recognized book on network synchronization (Wiley, 2002).

As ComSoc volunteer, he holds or has held the following leadership positions: Vice-President for Conferences (2018–2019), Vice-President for Member and Global Activities (2014-2015, 2016-2017), Board of Governors Member-at-Large (2010–2013), Director Education (2008-2009, 2010-2011), GITC member (2006–2009), Chair of the Transmission, Access and Optical Systems (TAOS) Technical Committee (2008–2009). He is member of the IEEE Conferences Committee (2019-2021). He served as IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer for 7 years (2003–2009). He is Editor-in-Chief of Global Communications Newsletter (since 2007) and Associate Editor of IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials.

He is Steering Committee Chair of IEEE LATINCOM. He is IEEE ICC 2023 Executive Co-Chair. He was IEEE ICC 2016 Technical Program Co-Chair, IEEE GLOBECOM 2012 and IEEE GLOBECOM 2009 Technical Program Vice-Chair, IEEE LATINCOM 2011 Technical Program Co-Chair, Symposium Co-Chair in nine other IEEE ICC/GLOBECOM conferences. He received the IEEE ComSoc Hal Sobol Award for Exemplary Service to Meetings & Conferences in 2014 and the IEEE ComSoc IEEE ComSoc/KICS Exemplary Global Service Award in 2019.