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T. Russell Hsing
National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Dr. T. Russell Hsing is IEEE Life Fellow and Fellow for the British Computer Society and SPIE. He accumulated rich R&D experiences of 40 years as technical staff, research/engineering director and executive director through affiliations with Burroughs, Xerox, GTE Labs, and Bellcore/Telcordia/Ericsson since 1977. He is currently Chair Professor with National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan, and Advisory Council Member for Harvard Business Review. During his tenure at Telcordia, he has co-established two significant R&D centers in Taipei (Taiwan), and Poznan (Poland). Both centers focused on advanced ICT partnering with local institutions to win significant contract funding from both commercial and local government sources. He has held visiting positions at numerous universities around the globe including Taiwan, US, China, India, Singapore, Korea, and Hong Kong. He is also serving as Board Director/ Board Advisory/Mentor for several academic spin-offs. He had been Board Member for the Open Fog Consortium in 2016-2018. He has been teaching the courses of “Technology Entrepreneurship: From IP to IPO” (since 2014) and “Internet Economics” (since 2017) during past years. His research interests include Fog/Edge Computing & Networking, Vehicular Telematics & Services, Wireless 5G and Beyond, and Next Generation IoT Services and Applications, and Academic Spin-offs.