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Large, varied sets of structured and unstructured data, also known as big data, and the analytics surrounding that data continue to transform the way we do business and experience the world. Advancements in technology fuel emerging big data analytics, which allow us to engage in predictive analytics to uncover trends, unexpected correlations, and hidden patterns so that we can then use those actionable insights to make data-driven decisions.

The IEEE Communications Society creates and aggregates information about various global endeavors working to solve the challenges associated with Big Data. Volunteers on our committees and IEEE ComSoc-led initiatives can learn about and collaborate on technologies that help enhance businesses and societies by identifying new markets, improving customer experiences, enhancing business processes, monitoring healthcare and security, and creating smart cities.

IEEE Big Data Initiative

IEEE ComSoc is excited to be a participating Society in, and have members on the steering committee of, the IEEE Big Data Initiative. The Initiative strives to aggregate information about the various endeavors occurring worldwide in order to provide a community of professionals in industry, academia, and government working to solve the challenges associated with Big Data. 

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