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Fog Computing News, Trends, Insights & Applications

Fog computing offers the benefit of cloud computing with increased efficiency. Because fog computing keeps data closer to the source, this type of technology is ideal for optimizing real-time data processing. Developers continue to explore many useful applications of this technology within the IoT infrastructure, including use in the development of smart cities.

OpenFog Consortium

IEEE ComSoc has announced its strategic affiliation with the OpenFog Consortium, a public-private ecosystem formed to accelerate the adoption of fog computing in order to solve the bandwidth, latency and communications challenges associated with the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, the Tactile Internet and other advanced concepts in the digitized world. IEEE ComSoc and OpenFog will co-create and co-promote fog networking concepts and architectures and collaborate on marketing, education and standards initiatives. Visit the OpenFog Consortium to learn more about its work in fog computing.