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Product developers and researchers are shaping IoT trends and developing new applications for IoT technology. Use cases across a range of markets including healthcare, government, automotive, security and consumer electronics drive new innovation, making exponentially more devices “smart.” This in turn offers the marketplace enhanced convenience, cost effectiveness, and never-before-seen functionality.

Latest News

IEEE World Forum on IoT

IEEE 4th World Forum on the Internet of Things
5-8 February 2018, Singapore

IEEE ComSoc is a proud sponsor of the 4th IEEE World Forum on IoT (WF-IoT). The WF-IoT technical program features the latest advances and experiences with IoT for the academic and research community and vertical and topical area tracks of interest to the industry and to the public sector. The theme, "Smart Cities and Nations” recognizes the strides and leadership that Singapore has made in the deployment of smart technologies, operating principles, and policies. Learn more and register at the conference website.

10 Enterprise IoT Predictions for 2018
“It’s been a long time coming for enterprise IoT, but I am confident that 2018 will be a pivotal year. It will be especially exciting to see IoT converge with AI, blockchain and fog computing technologies as companies co-innovate with their partner ecosystems to build solutions that truly transform businesses.” [IoT Business News]

To Secure the Internet of Things, We Must Build It Out of “Patchable” Hardware
“The flexibility of FPGAs will protect the world’s network of smart devices.” [IEEE Spectrum]

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The October 2018 issue of Communications Technology News (CTN) focuses on examining the challenges of such systems and discuss the opportunity of Blockchain to pull all of the robotics and wireless connectivity together into a community of cooperating machines that do not need our help.