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Machine-to-Machine (M2M) News, Trends & Insights

As innovators and developers bring new Internet of Things (IoT) technology applications to market, a growing number of devices from a variety of industries will join the conversation, bringing on new implications and never-before-discussed considerations. Advancements surrounding machine-to-machine (M2M) technology allow devices to communicate securely across wireless networks and do so more efficiently such that consumers, organizations and governments can leverage device synchronicity and big data analytics to save time, increase convenience and reduce costs.

The IEEE Communications Society is uniquely positioned to drive the conversation about machine-to-machine communications through our webinars, courses, distinguished lecturers, conferences, and myriad publications on this and related topics. We also are lead sponsor of the IEEE IoT initiative, a group of 19 Societies, Councils and operating units providing a platform where professionals learn, share knowledge, and collaborate on this sweeping convergence of technologies, markets, applications, and the Internet.

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