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Technical Activities

Here we will celebrate the remarkable achievements and groundbreaking innovations of IEEE Communication Society community, projects and journeys. With a collective commitment to excellence and a passion for pushing the boundaries of what's possible, our diverse community has consistently set new standards across various fields and industries. From pioneering research to revolutionary technological advancements, our members continue to make significant contributions that shape the future and inspire positive change. Explore the remarkable journey of our accomplished individuals and the extraordinary impact they have made on the world stage.

Quiet Heroes Project

Discover the stories of the “quiet heroes” behind groundbreaking technologies that shape our world. From the engineers working in the labs to the late-night prototypes, these individuals tackle daily challenges, turning visionary ideas into tangible products. These stories will share the teams driving the progress of connecting the world. Join us in celebrating their achievements and help inspire a next generation of engineering trailblazers.

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Celebrating Women in Communications Engineering

The IEEE Communications Society is shining the spotlight on the brightest in communications engineering as they share their insight, wisdom, and advice based on their career journey.   

Women from diverse backgrounds and careers—prolific academics, renowned industry experts, multidisciplinary researchers, and serial inventors—share how communications engineering has shaped their life experiences. 

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