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Technical Activities

At the heart of every breakthrough lies a team of quiet heroes—the engineers and staff who shape our digital landscape. These are the visionaries who turn ideas into reality, the architects of seamless connectivity, and the driving force behind our everyday gadgets. Now, we’re pulling back the curtain to reveal their stories—from working in the labs, the eureka moments, and the projects that have woven themselves into the very fabric of our lives. 


When a disruptive technology changes everything, the spotlight frequently falls on just one individual. But a closer look always reveals a team of creative engineers and technologists whose skill, ingenuity and willingness to work long hours are the secret recipe leading to dramatic breakthroughs. Meet the Quiet Heroes, whose innovative spirit and technical know-how are the key to one of the most influential tools of the information age, even as they put in their time in the shadows just outside the limelight.

In March 1993 AMATI, a scrappy startup from the Silicon Valley, met a grand challenge in grand style as they went head-to-head with telecom heavyweight Bell Labs. The tech in question is DSL, the big leap forward that paved the way to our broadband future.

John Cioffi
Jacky Cowy, Realtor Compass
Po Tong
Peter Chow
Mark Flowers
Krista Jacobsen, Attorney Intellectual Property

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