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The rapid emergence of wireless communications technology has cut the tether that once connected users and their devices to the physical network. Both consumers and business leaders benefit from the rise in mobile computing that the development of the wireless industry allows as it makes the transmission of all types of messages easier and enables real-time communications. Growth within this area will certainly only continue, with developers constantly refining wireless network protocols to enable users to keep up with wireless trends.

The IEEE Communications Society is a leader in wireless communications technologies, bringing together industry practitioners, academics and government officials to share ideas, resolve issues, and learn about the latest developments. Join us in helping to shape the next generation of technology as wireless evolves to 5G and beyond.

Latest News

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CommunicAsia 2019
18-20 June 2018
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Inspired by the radical changes in the ICT industry, the refreshed CommunicAsia continues to be Asia’s most established and relevant event for industry professionals in the telecommunications sector. It brings together thought-leaders, decision makers, influencers throughout the ecosystem to network, explore new technologies, share ideas and create valuable opportunities for all. IEEE ComSoc is a supporting organization of the 2018 CommunicAsia conference. Find registration details on the CommunicAsia 2018 website.

Analyst Angle: 10 2018 mobile and wireless forecasts and trends
“5G, IoT, Services (vs. Apps), Over the Top (OTT), Smartphones, App Layer vs. OS Layer, Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) are hot mobile topics for 2018. There’s a number of new breakthrough developments that will make 2018 our best year yet in mobile and wireless.” [RCR Wireless]

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Deep Reinforcement Learning for Future Wireless Communication Networks

The objective of this special issue is to explore recent advances in DRL and address practical challenges in wireless
networks. This special issue will bring together leading researchers and developers to present their research on novel DRL framework, network modeling and architecture, as well as control problems in different layers, addressing various
challenges related to DRL inspired analysis and design for future wireless networks.


5G New Radio, A New Standard and Industry Update

Learn about the technical enhancements in the December 2017 3GPP 5G-NR Standard and discover the opportunities enabled by this standard in an easy-to-understand reference for business strategy.


WCP News: Volume 8, Issue 5

Volume 8, Issue 5: The IEEE Wireless Communications Professional (WCP) News provides the latest information to help you manage your career.