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SDN Insights, Trends & Forecasting

Software-defined networking (SDN) is an agile, scalable approach to networking that gives engineers—and the organizations they serve—the technology needed to rapidly adapt to changing requirements. Through the use of SDN, administrators can make network-wide changes through a centralized control console for more efficient orchestration and automation of services.

IEEE SDN Initiative

IEEE ComSoc is a participating Society in the IEEE SDN Initiative, a cross-Society IEEE worldwide program addressing the main techno-economic aspects concerning SDN and NFV. 

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IEEE Communications Standards Magazine June 2019

The IEEE Communications Standards Magazine June 2019 issue features topics in Cloud and Edge Computing, IoT and Machine-Type Communication, and The Standardization Ecosystem: Policy and Patents.


Large-Scale Wireless Powered Networks with Backscatter Communications

The aim of this Special Issue is to solicit research papers with original contributions that address the latest advances and challenges in RF-EH and BackCom, with emphasis on large-scale networks.


IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization 2020

IEEE NetSoft 2020 - IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization. IEEE NetSoft addresses the challenges raised by the overall transformation trend, which is deeply impacting and bridging Telecom and IT industries, currently considered by Software-Defined Networks (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), and Software-Defined Clouds.