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IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications

About IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications

The IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications is a major archival journal that is committed to the timely publication of very high-quality, peer-reviewed, original papers that advance the theory and applications of wireless communication systems and networks.

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Topics of interest include the following:

4G and 5G cellular systems
Ad hoc wireless networks
Adaptive antennas for wireless systems
Channel estimation
Cross-layer design and optimization
Device-to-device and relay networks
Diversity techniques and equalization
DSP applications to wireless systems
Dynamic spectrum access and cognitive radio
Energy harvesting and wireless energy transfer
Experimental and prototype results
Full-duplex wireless communication and networking
Heterogeneous cellular networks
Information theory for wireless systems and networks

Interference management and suppression
Massive MIMO
Millimeter wave communication
Modulation and coding for wireless systems
Multimedia communications over wireless
Multiple access techniques
Next generation WiFi
Propagation and channel characterization
Radionavigation and location estimation
Resource allocation and load balancing
Space-time processing
Synchronization techniques
Wireless cloud networks
Wireless network coding
Wireless optical communication
Wireless sensor networks
Wireless-specific security, privacy, and authentication

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