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Wahab Almuhtadi
Director, North America Region

Dr. Wahab Almuhtadi, P.Eng, SMIEEE, EIC Fellow has over 22 years of university and college teaching experience and over 27 year experience in R&D and engineering industries. He is a professor and coordinator of Algonquin College/Carleton University Joint Degree Program “Bachelor of Information Technology/BIT-PLT”. He’s also R&D Coordinator at Algonquin Faculty of Technology and Trades. Prior to that, he worked with Nortel as Team Leader and Senior System Engineer in Optical Solutions R&D. Dr. Almuhtadi proves remarkable leadership with his strong background in high technology and engineering industry helped the College to become a Polytechnic Institution. He is Algonquin Applied Research founder leading to $10.5M funded from various Canadian agencies, and founder/designer of $5M leading-edge Optophotonics Lab/Optical Transport Network-OTN 0.15-100Gbps. He is one of the founders of “Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks-CENGN,” with $65M funding. As a senior researcher, his research projects include, for example: QoS Optimization using Adaptive Intelligence Techniques in Satellite Systems ($2.8 M); Remote Objective Monitoring of Bio-Signals (ROMOBS) ($0.4 M); Remote/Rural WiFi Networks ($100k); Traffic Engineering in WiMAX Mobile Networks ($300k); Traffic Engineering in WiMAX Fixed Networks ($311k); Mesh Network Multipathing/Communications Handset-Relaying Prototype ($300k); CT Wireless for Commercial Building Electrical Panels ($100k); IEEE Humanitarian Wireless WiFi Project for Latin America ($25K) and among others. Dr. Almuhtadi is an author of several technical papers and co-author of books.

Over 24 years of IEEE service, He has been actively engaged as a volunteer serving in several posts that he held throughout all IEEE levels. Currently, ComSoc-North America Board Director (2018-2019), 2018 IEEE President-Elect/2019-2020 IEEE President of IEEE Consumer Electronics Society (CESoc)Vice President, Education, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society-CESoc (2017-2018), Chair, Publications and Communications Group-IEEE Canada-R7 (2017-present), Director, IEEE Canadian Foundation Committee (2013-present), Chair, ComSoc/CESoc/BTS Ottawa Joint Chapter (2008-present). He chaired and organized more than 29 conferences. He is the Executive Chair of the IEEE ICC 2021-Montreal, and he was the Executive Chair of IEEE ICC 2012-Ottawa. In 2008-2017, he served as the IEEE ComSoc Canada Representative, and Information Technology Coordinator, ComSoc North America Board.

He received several recognition awards from IEEE, academia and industry, to name few: IEEE 2010 Leadership Award for Distinguished Leadership and Outstanding Contribution as a Leader at the Section and Regional Levels, Serving IEEE for the Benefit of Its Members and the Engineering Profession, 2013 IEEE Canada W.R. Service Award, 2009 Teaching Excellence-Algonquin College Laurent Isabelle Award-, NISOD Award-2006, and 2015Engineering Institute Of Canada (EIC) Canadian Pacific Railway Medal.