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Adapting Test & Measurement Solutions to Virtualized Networks

Available on Demand

Thursday, 16 November 2017 • 2:00 PM EST, 11:00 AM PST, 19:00 UTC/GMT

60 Minutes

Service providers are now virtualizing parts of their network, which is having a profound impact on the test & measurement solutions used to ensure the network’s performance. One of the impact areas involves a movement towards early-stage network validation, which requires qualifying individual devices to ensure they all work together in an end-to-end environment. This webinar will examine how test-and-measurement technologies are not only leading to a virtualization of testing but are also helping to drive down costs, increase efficiency and add functionality within the software of the network.

Mohammad Asad Rehman Chaudhry
Chair of IEEE Working Group P1916.1

Mohammad Asad Rehman Chaudhry received the PhD degree in electrical and computer engineering from Texas A&M University, Texas, USA. An Executive Director with Soptimizer, Canada, he has held several industrial and academic positions including High Performance and Exascale Systems Team with IBM Research, a Research Fellow with Hamilton Institute, University of Toronto, a Network Scientist with RCUH for DARPA System F6, an Assistant Director of Huawei-UET Technology Joint Telecom Center, as well as a Faculty Member of the Electrical Engineering with the University of Calgary, and the University of Engineering and Technology.
Dr. Chaudhry is the Chair of IEEE Working Group P1916.1, where he leads development of the standards for Software-Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualisation Performance. Dr. Chaudhry was the Vice Chair for Performance at the IEEE Standards Study Group for Security, Reliability, and Performance for Software Defined and virtualised Ecosystems. He is the Chair of the IEEE Research Group on Standards related to SLAs for virtualised Environments. He has served as a Chair for several key conferences and symposiums in ICT including NFV & SDN Middle East, and Cloud & Network Virtualisation Middle East 2017, IEEE ICNP 2017 Workshop on Approaches, Analyses, and Performance Issues in Virtualized Environments and Software Defined Networking, IEEE GlobalSIP 2015 Symposium on Signal and Information Processing for Software-Defined Ecosystems and Green Computing, and IEEE GLOBECOM 2015 Workshop on Green Standardizations for ICT and Relevant Technologies. He has served as the host for Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at IEEE N3XT, Toronto 2016. He is a guest editor for IEEE Access, an editor for IEEE Technical Committee on Green Communications & Computing’s Green Forum newsletter.
Dr. Chaudhry received the Fulbright Fellowship, Presidential Scholarship, and Texas A&M Class Star Award.


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