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Moving From Testing the Internet of Thing Towards the Internet of Tested Things

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018 • 12:00 PM EST, 9:00 AM PST, 17:00 UTC/GMT

60 Minutes

The term “5G” is applied to a broad range of applications, from mobile broadband to fixed access.  But foremost among the drivers for 5G is the desire to use mm-wave technology to support the Internet of Things (IoT), including the growing area of M2M (machine-to-machine) communications.  From the IoT we get the requirement to be able to support 10-100x the number of devices supported by today’s networks, which leads to the question, “who is going to create all these devices?”  In this presentation, we explore the implications of a dramatic increase in the number of wireless device developers on product testing, and discuss how increased access to testing equipment can help to smooth the path to the 5G future.

Leigh M. Chinitz
Leigh M. Chinitz

Prior to joining octoScope, Leigh was the CTO at Casa Systems with a focus on wireless strategy for both Wi-Fi and small cell technologies. He joined Casa from Cisco where he was a Solutions Architect in in the Service Provider Wi-Fi Advanced Services team with a focus on the solution architectures for service providers looking to deploy Wi-Fi networks. Before that he was a solutions architect for a UMTS femtocell company, a solutions architect for a CDMA femtocell company, CTO for a Wi-Fi company, and a systems technology researcher for Motorola, where his work in areas including CDMA networks, push-to-talk, wireless system simulations and digital TV resulted in several patent awards. He was later was responsible for coordinating Motorola’s participation in FCC proceedings. He has worked in wireless and data communications since 1993, addressing areas such as macrocellular network design and simulation, femtocell network architecture, and Wi-Fi solution design. His areas of focus include wireless network simulation and design, overall solutions architecture, business development, and policy and regulation.

He is the holder of 20 US patents, an experienced speaker at industry conferences, and a participant in IEEE, TIA, and ITU standards activities.

Dexter Johnson
Dexter Johnson

Dexter Johnson is the author of IEEE Spectrum’s online blog The Nanoclast. He has researched and written reports and analysis in the areas of nanotechnology, sensors, IT, advanced manufacturing and economic trends within a number of different industries. He has been the program director for international conferences in the areas of telecommunications, digital content delivery and nanotechnology. In addition to his work at IEEE Spectrum, Dexter is a senior analyst with Cientifica, a UK-based business intelligence company for emerging technologies.


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