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Learn about latest technologies and products through expert whitepapers available on our website. All the whitepapers are provided by our sponsors and are free to download.

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This paper provides practical knowledge for designing an RF system. It covers design fundamentals such as transmission medium, wave propagation, free space path loss, and key components. It also includes an overview of test equipment and ideas to consider through the design, development and verification process.

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This application note contains theoretical background on OTA power and pattern measurements. It gives step-by-step instructions for the verification of the power level and the radiation pattern of a device under test (DUT) in comparison to a golden device, and it presents an approach for verifying the accuracy of beam steering.

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What happens when you don’t calibrate?

Keysight’s new book will answer your calibration questions:

  • Why calibrate?
  • What is measurement uncertainty?
  • What’s traceability?
  • Does accreditation matter?
  • How calibration affects time-to-market or production yield, and more…

Learn the fundamentals of calibration and why it’s so important.

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When debugging electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems, design engineers face the challenge of identifying the sources of unwanted emissions early in the design phase. Repetitive testing at the EMC compliance laboratory to identify and resolve these problems is costly and often significantly delays the product launch. Therefore, frequent EMI testing throughout the complete development process reduces the probability of a major redesign, effectively decreasing product launch costs and delays.

Tools that engineers can use for EMI debugging includes oscilloscopes in combination with near-field probe sets. They allow designers to quickly locate and analyze EMI problems early on. High dynamic range and a high input sensitivity ensure that even weak emissions can be analyzed. Fast Fourier transformation (FFT) implementation provides a fast update rate and the persistence display provides insights into the structure of unwanted emissions.

Rohde & Schwarz offers a range of solutions for EMI debugging. To find out more, download our Application Notes and Application Cards.

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It takes the right tools to perform a job well, so having the right solution is critical. Case in point - designing efficient battery thermal management systems to address all the battery-powered, portable devices you’ve been asked to design. Read our “Temperature Profiling Application Notes” to learn how you can optimize battery performance, increase reliability, and avert safety issues. Get Application Notes.

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Description: A team of researchers from KU Leuven created a network of software defined radios that can simultaneously transmit and detect harmful interference using in-band full duplex technique which results in an ultra-efficient network with double the throughput. Read the case study and download the code!

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A Rosenberg ECFanGridTM consists of a series of backward curved EC fans operating in parallel. The resulting airflow is proportional to the number of fans used, with the pressure conditions remaining the same. Cooling redundancy is built in. Download the white paper to get complete technical details.

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Now that 5G is getting closer to deployment, what are the killer apps going to be that push 5G forward into broad deployment? It is said that 5G could be the next “General Purpose Technology”, but will 5G influential enough to push the technology to the elite status of a GPT? This article aims to explore some of the hottest emerging 5G technology and the potential impact of 5G.

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As mobile operators fast-track their 5G deployment plans, chipset and device manufacturers must also accelerate their development activities, including determining how to test 5G data throughput most effectively. Download ‘Testing 5G: Data Throughput’ for more information on how to test high data rates more effectively and some of the available testing solutions, looking specifically at the eMBB use case.

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This white paper describes the basic functionality of antennas. Starting with Hertz's Antenna model followed by a short introduction to the fundamentals of wave propagation, the important general characteristics of an antenna and its associated parameters are explained.

A more detailed explanation of the functionality of some selected antenna types concludes this white paper.