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IEEE Communications Society Edwin Howard Armstrong Achievement Award

This award is named in honor of Edwin H. Armstrong, most notably the inventor and father of the complete FM radio system. He is responsible for the Regenerative Circuit, the Superheterodyne Circuit, and the Superregenerative Circuit. His inventions and development form the backbone of Radio Communications as we know it. A contemporary (in writing about his life and achievements) referred to him as the "Man of High Fidelity" and more recently, his life is documented in a book justly called "Empire of the Air."

Certificate, plaque, and honorarium of $2,000; funded by the IEEE Foundation.

Member of the Communications Society.

Basis for Judging
Outstanding contributions over a period of years in the field of interest of the Society.

Annually (as soon as possible after recommendation). Award may not be presented if suitable candidate is not available.

(originally Achievement Award, first presented in 1958 - changed to present title in 1975)


2016- Moe Z. Win
Theodore S. Rappaport
Andrea Goldsmith
John M. Cioffi
Donald Cox
No Award
No Award
H. Vincent Poor
2008- Sergio Benedetto
2007- Norman C. Beaulieu
2006- Larry J. Greenstein
2005- No Award
2004- Hussein Mouftah
2003- Hikmet Sari
2002- Michael B. Pursley
2001- Ezio Biglieri

2000- Laurence B. Milstein
1999- Al Gross
 Donald L. Schilling
1997- Marvin K. Simon
1996- Joachim Hagenauer
1995- Adam Lender
1994- Mischa Schwartz 
1993- Paul Schumate
1992- Hisashi Kaneko
1991- Burton R. Saltzberg
1990- Jack K. Wolf
1989- Paul E. Green, Jr. 
1988- Jack M. Sipress
1987- Paul Baran
1986- Gottfried Ungerboeck

1985- Robert Charles Terreault
 Bob O. Evans
1983- No Award
1982- Tadahiro Sekimoto
1981- Robert Price
1980- Frederick T. Andrews
1979- Arthur A. Collins
1978- Andre Pinet
1977- William H.C. Higgins
1976- Walter B. Morrow
1975- R.W. Lucky
1974- Frank D. Reese
1973- S.G. Lutz, C.E. Shannon

1972- A.E. Joel, Jr.
 A.C. Dickieson
1970- R.K. Hellmann
1969- D.S. Rau
1968- P.G. Edwards
1967- J.Z. Millar
1966- W.T. Rea
1965- A.G. Kanoian
1964- No Award
1963- I.S. Coggeshall
1962- A.G. Clavier
1961- E.I. Green
1960- No Award 
1959- K. Bullington
1958- H.H. Beverage