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Fog World Congress

Trend-setting keynotes. Technical
sessions. Industry use cases.
Advanced research. Plus a
hackathon, exhibition area and
demos for hands on learning.

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SON & The End-To-End Road to 5G Course

Join us on 27 September for this half-day course that introduces self-organizing network (SON) mechanisms, their roles, and the roadmap towards the next-generation architecture.

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Military Communications and Innovation: Priorities for the Modern Warfight

MILCOM 2017 allows industry the opportunity to hear and understand the requirements, pace of change and state of play in a variety of C4ISR markets serving the military, federal agencies and multinational entities. Join military and industry communications professionals in this evolving conversation.

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Visible Light Communications Course

On 4 October Harald Haas, inventor of Li-Fi, will discuss visible light as a high bandwidth alternative to radio in this one-day, online course.

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Don’t miss the 8th Annual IEEE SmartGridComm!

IEEE SmartGridComm 2017 will feature presentations exploring the newest technologies supporting the two-way flow of energy and information, quickly isolating and overcoming power outages, facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources and empowering consumers to optimize energy consumption.

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New Frontiers of e-Health Technologies

IEEE Healthcom 2017 will focus new solutions to improve health services and applications as well as the adoption of these technologies to build reliable, secure and efficient networks or platforms with great flexibility.

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Fog World Congress
SON & The End-To-End Road to 5G Course
Military Communications and Innovation: Priorities for the Modern Warfight
Visible Light Communications Course
Don’t miss the 8th Annual IEEE SmartGridComm!
New Frontiers of e-Health Technologies
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Newly posted IEEE ComSoc White Papers on:

5G over the Air Performance Measurement and Evaluation Using FieldFox Handheld Analyzers

Ensure Greater Confidence in Signal Analysis at 110 GHz and Beyond

Prototyping Multi-User MIMO Communications System

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IEEE Communications Magazine September 2017 cover image

Feature Topics on Advances in Network Services Chain, Network Testing and Analytics, Radio Communications, and Internet of Things.

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Global Communications Newsletter (GCN) September 2017 cover image

Feature Article on Making San Diego Better Off: From Antenna Workshop to Science Fair

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September '17 // IEEE ComSoc Free Tutorials Now

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2 Newly posted FREE Tutorials on:

The IoT Revolution: Challenges and Opportunities

The Crazy New World Enabled by the 5G Tactile Internet

Available now for a limited time.

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IEEE Wireless Communications August 2017 cover image

Topics on Sustainable Green Networking and Computing in 5G Systems.

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IEEE ComSoc CTN August 2017

August 2017 CTN banner

Voyager - A Space Exploration Mission like no other

Alan Gatherer, Editor in Chief, ComSoc Technology News

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IEEE Network July 2017 cover image

Topics in Ultra-Dense Heterogeneous Small Cell Deployment in 5G and Beyond.

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IEEE Network Seeking New Editor-in-Chief

Apply for the Editor-in-Chief position for the highly respected publication - IEEE Network by 15 October, 2017.

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