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A valuable opportunity for you to benefit from the expertise of presenters at IEEE Communications events.
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IEEE Communications provides a selection of FREE tutorials, thanks to our corporate sponsors. Their support enables us to provide these tutorials to you at no charge. 

The IEEE Communications Society’s enhanced conference tutorial program features an online collection of recent tutorials delivered at IEEE ComSoc sponsored conferences. Tutorials are regularly posted and review specific, current communications topics, including Wireless Communications, RF Communications, Optical Communications, Consumer Communications, Networking and more. Available tutorials, which are 30 minutes - 2.5 hours in length, contain voice-over ppt by the presenter.

*Complimentary online access to the sponsored FREE Tutorials listed below is offered for a limited time.

Emerging Technologies in IEEE 802.11 WLAN (Wi-Fi)

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The IEEE 802.11-based wireless local area network (WLAN) technologies (popularly known as “Wi-Fi”) have grown into one of most ubiquitous wireless access technologies across consumer and enterprise markets. The evolution of IEEE 802.11 standards has significantly increased data rates of wireless access....