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A valuable opportunity for you to benefit from the expertise of presenters at IEEE Communications events.
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IEEE Communications provides a selection of FREE tutorials, thanks to our corporate sponsors. Their support enables us to provide these tutorials to you at no charge. 

The IEEE Communications Society’s enhanced conference tutorial program features an online collection of recent tutorials delivered at IEEE ComSoc sponsored conferences. Tutorials are regularly posted and review specific, current communications topics, including Wireless Communications, RF Communications, Optical Communications, Consumer Communications, Networking and more. Available tutorials, which are 30 minutes - 2.5 hours in length, contain voice-over ppt by the presenter.

*Complimentary online access to the sponsored FREE Tutorials listed below is offered for a limited time.

Theory to Practice: Experimental Testbeds and Prototyping of Next-generation Wireless Networks

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5G ​includes many ideas and technologies touted as the next big revolution in wireless. Numerous network configuration and deployment options are available such as small cells, eICIC, LTE/WiFi interworking, carrier aggregation, dual connectivity, MIMO as well as CoMP. ​O​ther new concepts ​include C-RAN, D-RAN, mmWave, Massive MIMO as well as ultra-low latency. While many of the concepts mainly affect the...

Emerging Concepts and Technologies Towards 5G Wireless Networks

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Despite the recent advances in wireless technologies, the wireless community faces the challenge of enabling a further traffic increase of up to 1,000 times in the next 10 years or so, while no customer is willing to pay more for the wireless pipe itself: the so called “traffic-revenue decoupling”. Moreover, many experts warn that the low-hanging fruits in wireless research (especially in information theory, communications theory, and...

The Future Evolution of LTE

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This tutorial will discuss the following questions: To what extent will LTE evolve before 5G takes over, or will LTE be the dominant over-arching radio access technology hosting 5G access? Which vertical segments will be covered by LTE evolution, and what are unique evolution opportunities for LTE? What are critical 5G requirements, spectrum and use scenarios, network paradigms, etc. that LTE evolution cannot provide?