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Distinguished Lecturers

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Appointments are 2 years (with an option of 2 additional years); asterisk denotes date each appointment concludes.

* term effective through 31 December 2015
** term effective through 31 December 2016

S. Aissa (Sonia) **


N. Beaulieu (Norman) *


R. Berry (Randall) *

  • Spectrum Sharing Economics
  • Interference Games
  • Market design and dynamic spectrum sharing


A. Chan (Anthony)**

  • Distributed mobility for future mobile Internet
  • Wireless network and Internet standards
  • Role of Telecommunication in Developing Countries and Digital Divide
  • Unification with Networking
  • 2014 LA Tour | 2013 AP/NA Tour


G. Chrisikos (George) *


S. Cui (Shuguang) **


L. DaSilva (Luiz) **


M. Dohler (Mischa) *

  • Machine-to-Machine: Technologies, Standards and Applications
  • ICT Technologies in Smart Cities and Smart Grids
  • Femtocells: Technologies, Standards and Applications
  • Cognitive and Docitive Networks
  • Design Principles Towards 5G High-Capacity System
  • 2012 AP Tour | 2012 NA Tour


J. Elmirghani (Jaafar) **

  • Energy efficient core networks
  • Renewable energy in core and data centre networks
  • Green content distribution networks
  • Energy efficient Peer-to-Peer and IPTV networks
  • Optical wireless communication systems
  • Multigigabit indoor optical wireless multi-user and cooperative systems
  • 2013-2014 Tour


M. Fang (Yuguang Michael) *

  • A few selected research issues in wireless networks
  • Cross-layer design for wireless networks
  • Securing resource-constrained wireless networks
  • Small world phenomena in wireless ad hoc networks
  • Secure network connectivity and capacity
  • Privacy and security for mobile healthcare systems
  • Wireless medium access control protocols
  • 2013 AP Tour | 2012 AP Tour


N. Fonseca (Nelson) **


X. Fu (Xiaoming) *

  • Scaling Microblogging Services with Divergent Traffic Demands
  • Extensible IP Signaling: Architecture, Protocols and Practice
  • Network Friendly TCP for Background Delay-Insensitive Applications
  • Aggregated TCP Congestion Control
  • Fast Rerouting for IP Multicast Traffic in Managed IPTV Networks


F. Granelli (Fabrizio) *

  • Green wireless networking: energy efficiency in wireless networks
  • Cognitive and adaptive networking: self-management at the service of network evolution
  • Networking and the Smart Grid: the relevance of communications in the future of power grid
  • Design of green networks: towards the Green Internet
  • 2014 AP Tour | 2013 LA Tour | 2012 NA Tour | 2012 LA Tour


Z. Han (Zhu) **


M. Hassan (Mahbub) **

  • Vehicular Communications and Networking
  • Content Streaming for Mobile Devices
  • Nano-scale Communications and Networking
  • 2014 NA DSP | 2014 AP DSP


E. Hossain (Ekram) *

  • Evolution towards 5G cellular wireless networks
  • Radio resource management in next generation hierarchical cellular wireless networks
  • Interference modeling in random carrier-sense multiple access (CSMA) wireless networks
  • Dynamic spectrum access in cognitive radio networks
  • Game theory for multiple access and resource allocation in wireless networks
  • Communications and networking technologies for the smart grid
  • Radio technologies for wireless personal area networks
  • 2014 AP Tour | 2014 EMEA Tour | 2013 LA Tour | 2013 AP Tour | 2013 AP Tour #2


T. Hou (Tom) **


R.Q. Hu (Rose Qingyang) **


J. Huang (Jianwei) **


H. Jafarkhani (Hamid) *

  • Distributed Beamforming in Wireless Relay-Interference Networks
  • Cooperative Communications
  • Limited Feedback Beamforming in MIMO
  • Distributed Space-Time Coding


A. Jayasumana (Anura) *

  • Network Aware Nodes:  A Novel  Self-Organization Approach for Internet of Things
  • Topology Coordinate Systems - A Localization Free Approach for Self-Organization of  Large-Scale  2D and 3D Sensor Networks
  • Peer-to-Peer Networks: File Sharing to Collaborative Computing
  • Collaborative Peer-to-Peer Systems using Resource Aggregation and Community Caching


A. Jukan (Admela) **


N. Kato (Nei) **

  • Ad Hoc & Sensor Networks: Recent Trends and Future directions
  • D2D: Research Trends and Future Perspective

Y.D. Lin (Ying-Dar) *

  • Research Roadmap Driven by Network Benchmarking Lab: Deep Packet Inspection, Traffic Forensics, Embedded Benchmarking, WLAN/LTE, and Beyond
  • Traffic Forensics: Capture, Replay, Classification, Detection, and Analysis
  • Benchmarking Smartphones: Methodologies, Tools, and Results
  • Open Source Resources for Networking
  • Software Defined Networking: Why, Where, When, and How
  • 2014 NA Tour | 2014 AP Tour | 2014 AP Tour #2


M. Ma (Maode) **


N. Mandayam (Narayan) *

  • Backhauling in TV White Spaces
  • Network Coding as a Dynamical System
  • Enabling Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Green Techniques for Wireless Communications
  • Forces and Strategies that Shaped the Wireless Revolution
  • 2013 NA Tour | 2012 AP Tour


U. Mitra (Urbashi) **


Z. Niu (Zhisheng) **

  • A Paradigm Shift to Globally Resource-optimized and Energy-Efficient Networks (GREEN)
  • TANGO: Traffic-Aware Network planning and Green Operation
  • CHORUS: Collaborative and Harmonized Open Radio Ubiquitous Systems
  • Collaborative Radio Resource Management in Multiple Radio Networks


J. B. Othman (Jalel Ben) **


P. Ray (Pradeep) *

  • Design and Evaluation of Assistive Technologies for Aged Care
  • Cooperative  Service Management and Interoperabilty in Healthcare
  • Design and Assessment mHealth (mobile phone based) services for healthcare


S. Roy (Sumit) *

  • Cognitive Radio - Algorithms & Architectures
  • Co-existence in a Multi-radio Environment: Principles, Architectures and Implementations
  • White Space Networks: From TV bands to Government Users


L. Song (Lingyang) **


T. Taleb (Tarik) *


J. Thompson (John) *

  • Green Wireless Communications and Smart Grid Technologies
  • Multiple Antenna Communications Systems
  • Wireless relay communications systems and distributed multiple antenna technologies
  • 2014 NA Tour


Z. Tian (Zhi) **


R. Vannithamby (Rath) *

  • 5G Evolution and Candidate Technologies
  • M2M Communications for Internet of Things


C. Wang (Chonggang) **


T. Wolf (Tilman) *

  • Economic Principles for Future Internet Architecture
  • Attacks and Hardware Defenses for Network Infrastructure
  • Attack Containment in Off-by-Default Networks
  • Runtime Management of Multicore Network Processors


L. Yang (Liuqing) *


H. Yanikomeroglu (Halim) **


Y.-D.Yao (Yu-Dong) **


W. Yu (Wei) **