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About ComSoc

ComSoc advocates diversity, equity, and compassion and condemns discrimination and violence. 

ComSoc’s vision* is to bring harmony through communications, ultimately creating a connected world enabled to create bonds among people with various backgrounds and from all corners of the world. As a board we have come together to reaffirm that ComSoc is firmly committed to its principles of diversity, inclusion, non-discrimination and global cooperation, and condemns acts of discrimination and violence. We proudly reaffirm our unequivocal commitment to treat everyone fairly and will uphold that principle in all our actions. 

*ComSoc Vision: To bring the world together in harmony through communications and networking technology research, application, education and incubation of new ideas. 

Statement from the President, Past-President, and President-Elect of IEEE: IEEE is, and remains, strongly committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and we see no place for hatred and discrimination in our communities.