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Connecting the Scientific Community at IEEE ICC 2017 in Paris

Connecting the Scientific Community at IEEE ICC 2017 in Paris

IEEE ICC 2017 offers an unsurpassed educational agenda along with a unique opportunity to exchange visions and viewpoints with nearly 2,000 scholars and leading researchers from 70+ countries.

Themed “Bridging People, Communities and Cultures,” IEEE ICC 2017 will be highlighted by more than 1,800 presentations, keynotes, panels, forums and technical sessions as well as the exhibits and patronage of numerous technology industry leaders including Huawei, Nokia, Qualcomm, National Instruments, Keysight, LoRa Alliance, Orange, Sequans Communications, Leti Cea Tech, IEEE GreenICT, Itracom Telecom, Mitsubishi and Pragmadev.

High-level representatives from prominent industry companies and research institutions will explore the entire communications spectrum ranging from mobile cloud computing and cooperative intelligent transport communications to social and Internet of Things (IoT) networking services and applications.

Distinguished scholars will present nearly 1,000 original papers exploring topics within next-generation, mobile and wireless, ad hoc and sensor networking; signal processing and wireless communications:  communications theory; optical networks and systems; communication QoS, reliability & modeling; communication software, services and multimedia applications; communications and information systems security; and cognitive radio and networks.

In addition to its comprehensive program, the conference will host two IEEE co-located events on IoT and green technology. The IEEE IoT Vertical & Topical Summit for Agriculture on will focus on IoT applications in the agriculture market and will feature speakers from Cisco, IBM, SAP, Orange and others. The IEEE Greening Through ICT Summit will build awareness of and identify challenges to the use of information and communications technology (ICT) as a tool to improve environmental and societal functions, and improving the energy efficiency, carbon footprint and life cycle management of ICT itself. This Summit will culminate with a World Cafe, in which attendees will break into small groups to propose solutions to the identified challenges.

Join us 21-25 May at IEEE ICC 2017 for an in-depth understanding of the latest communications advances worldwide. To learn more about IEEE ICC 2017 and its co-located events, visit

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Learn About Advanced Topics in Wireless Positioning

Learn About Advanced Topics in Wireless Positioning
Advanced Topics in Wireless Positioning
Wednesday, 5 April, 2017
9:00am to 4:30pm EDT
The scope of positioning solutions have expanded significantly since the U.S. FCC mandated automatic location reporting on emergency calls from cellular phones in the 1990's. 
However, many problems remain, particularly in regard to positioning accuracy indoors and in other environments where GPS operation is significantly limited.
Deployment of LTE and LTE Advanced, using OFDM modulation which was not incorporated in previous generation cellular networks, has obligated new methods for implementing handset and network based positioning as a backup to GPS and to gain flexibility in meeting the requirements of ever increasing location applications and services. 

Join us for this live online course taught by our instructor, wireless communications expert, Alan Bensky, who will guide you through key principles, practices and applications of wireless position estimation techniques, and put you at the forefront of the latest positioning and location technologies.
Learning Objectives

Gain an understanding of the following:
•  the basics of wireless positioning
•  cellular location
•  Long Term Evolution (LTE) – OFDM modulation
•  the positioning reference signals in LTE
•  collaboration between mobile handsets and its role in location awareness
•  how MIMO improves positioning capability
•  the essentials of data fusion, the Kalman filter and inertial measuring devices
Should You Attend?

Up-to-date principles, practices and applications of wireless position estimation techniques are covered in this course, rendering it invaluable to individuals who are:

• managing, planning, designing and deploying location awareness projects
• responsible for developing products containing positioning features for general purposes
• supporting first responders and homeland security operations
• looking for an overview of the state of cellular positioning 
Registration closes on 3 April 2017
You can earn 0.6 IEEE Continuing Education Units for participating.
For any questions, contact Tara Gallus at or visit the IEEE ComSoc Training website.

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Still Deciding? Take Action by 31 March

Still Deciding? Take Action by 31 March

A professional credential, such as IEEE WCP (Wireless Communications Professional) is a great testimony of your 2017 accomplishments, not to mention it’s a valuable addition to your resume.

At this time, 2017 Spring IEEE WCET Certification application is open. Apply now through 31 March. Once you apply, you can select where and when you’d like to sit for the exam during the testing period that runs from 17 April through 13 May 2017.
Benefits of IEEE WCET
  • Globally recognized and vendor-neutral credential
  • Demonstrates knowledge across the breadth of wireless communications
  • Cultivates mastery of all aspects of wireless engineering technology for ever growing vertical and horizontal integrations
  • Recognition of knowledge and on-the-job experience needed to be successful in the industry
  • Emblem of personal, professional achievement
  • International industry participation in credential development process
Recommended Steps
2) Take a Practice Exam to get a sample of what it’s like to take the Exam. It’s a timed, 2-hour, 75 item online test. A valuable self-assessment tool to evaluate your wireless expertise. The cost is US$50, but will be refunded to you after you apply and sit for the Spring Exam.

3) Take an online course to get an overall review of the 7 Key areas of wireless communications. 
The 2 for 1 Deal -  4-Day Intensive live online course plus Spring 2017 WCET Exam Seat  offers the best value. The courses will be held 27-30 March 2017. Registration for this special closes on 23 March. Reserve your seat now if you decide to take both the Exam and the course.
What Current IEEE WCPs Are Saying
"One of the primary reasons why I pursued the exam was for personal satisfaction. I wanted to demonstrate my commitment to wireless engineering and WCET has helped in more ways than I can imagine. It has also created a clear differentiator for me professionally and has helped me become a well-rounded wireless professional." 
~ Deepak Nadig, IEEE WCP, SOLUTT Corporation, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
"The WCET exam helped challenge and test my knowledge of wireless technology and RF design. The exam also pushed me to learn more about Cellular technology." 
~ Steven Kaleta, IEEE WCP, Chugach Electric Association Inc, Anchorage, Alaska, USA
The greatest benefit of having the IEEE WCP credential, is that it helps one to "stand-out among peers and facilitates career progression. To be recognized as a professional in the field of wireless." 
~ Tonna Aguolu, IEEE WCP, BP Oil International Ltd., London, UK
"The primary reason was to satisfy myself that I had a sufficiently broad knowledge required of practicing wireless engineers, and to understand where my weak areas are. To paraphrase an old saying, 'You don’t always know what you don’t know.' Having the IEEE WCP will bring assurance of the knowledge and expertise in the field, versus someone who is exposed and can merely 'speak the language'." 
~ Richard Hughes, IEEE WCP, Penn State University
"I feel the greatest benefit until now has been recognition at work and to be looked up to among peers. I am also sure having this credential will put a lot of weight on my resume in the near future both for growth in the company or new avenues." 
~ Aakash Bansal, IEEE WCP, Nexius, Inc., Redmond, WA, USA
Join these IEEE WCPs and many others who are already realizing the benefits of earning IEEE WCET Certification.  

Spring Application Deadline: 31 March 2017 by 23:59 UTC
Testing Window: 17 April - 13 May 2017


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Just Released! Best Readings In Internet of Things

Just Released! Best Readings In Internet of Things
The Internet of Things has become one of the most trending and multidisciplinary topics in the current Communications and Networking technologies. 
This issue of Best Readings provides readers with the opportunity to address key innovations and challenges, such as security, fog computing, and complex event processing. At the same time, it provides a wide analysis of the advantages from emerging trends such as open ecosystems, open platforms, open data and its consequent impact into verticals such as energy and smart cities.
We expect that these Best Readings provide an initial bibliographical starting point for the people interested in the Internet of Things, addressing its different dimensions and its interactions with other key domains and topics.
IoT and Cooperation Platforms / Frameworks 
IoT Security
Fog Computing
Complex Event Processing (CEP)
IoT and Social Networks (Social IoT)
IoT and Open Data
Energy Management
The Best Readings from IEEE Communications Society is a free service for the community, assisting researchers, innovators and all the experts in the industry to find the top quality resources in one place, making search and information gathering easier for our readers.

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