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About ComSoc

Wanjiun Liao

2022 Member-at-Large
Asia/Pacific Region

Position Statement

I have served ComSoc and its members enthusiastically in various positions, including Asia Pacific Board (APB) Director, Chair of Distinguished Lecturer Selection Committee, member of GITC, Fellow Evaluation Committee and IEEE Fellow Committee, Associate Editor for several IEEE Transactions journals, and ComSoc symposium/conference Co-Chairs. Based on my rich experience as a long-time volunteer in ComSoc, I understand the needs of its members and can effectively advocate for their best interests in the Society. If elected as a Member-at-Large, I plan to  

  • Ensure ComSoc’s activities, initiative, and decisions to be aligned with the needs of its members
  • Promote age, gender, and region diversity in leadership and volunteer positions within ComSoc, and provide more volunteer opportunities for young professionals and student members.
  • Maintain high-quality standards for IEEE technical events, conferences, and publications.
  • Support ComSoc’s effort to make it a stronger and more inclusive platform for connecting members.


Wanjiun Liao is a Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University (NTU), Taiwan. She was the head of the Department of Electrical Engineering at NTU, the Provost of NTU, and the Director General of Engineering and Technologies Department in Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology. Her research interests include wireless networking, multimedia networking, and green computing and networking. She has held various positions in IEEE and ComSoc, including Asia Pacific Board (APB) Director, Chair of Distinguished Lecturer Selection Committee, and member of GITC, NEC, Fellow Evaluation Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, and Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity in ComSoc, and IEEE Fellow Committee and IEEE Eric Sumner Award Committee. She has served as Associate Editor and steering committee for several IEEE Transactions journals, and helped organize IEEE conferences, including Symposium Co-Chair of GLOBECOM and ICC, and TPC Co-Chair of VTC and PIMRC. She is a Fellow of the IEEE.