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About ComSoc

2022 Election Results

President-Elect: Robert Schober

Sonia Aïssa
Hanna Bogucka
Ashutosh Dutta
Shui Yu

2022 Slate of Candidates

2021 Election Results

VP Conferences: Nelson Fonseca
VP Member & Global Activities:  Ana García Armada
VP Publications: Chengshan Xiao
VP Technical & Educational Activities: Wei Zhang

Yuguang (Michael) Fang
Wendi Heinzelman
Robert Schober
Angela Yingjun Zhang

2021 Slate of Candidates

2020 Election Results

President-Elect: Xuemin (Sherman) Shen

Nury Gabriela Ramirez Cely
Sumei Sun
Zhensheng Zhang
Michele Zorzi

2020 Slate of Candidates

2019 Election Results

VP Conferences: Stefano Bregni
VP Member & Global Activities: Nei Kato 
VP Publications: Robert Schober
VP Technical & Educational Activities: Xuemin (Sherman) Shen

Koichi Asatani
Ashutosh Dutta
Ana Garcia Armada
Robert Heath

2019 Slate of Candidates

2018 Election Results

President-Elect: Vincent W.S. Chan

Jeffrey Andrews*
Octavia A. Dobre
Philippa Martin
Petar Popovski

*unable to serve (per ComSoc Bylaw 3.2.4, a new appointment was made to fill this position)

2018 Slate of Candidates

2017 Election Results

VP Conferences: Stefano Bregni
VP Industry and Standards Activities: Stefano Galli
VP Member & Global Activities: Nei Kato
VP Publications:  Xuemin (Sherman) Shen
VP Technical & Educational Activities: Nelson Fonseca

Wei Zhang
Gerhard Fettweis
Ekram Hossain
Urbashi Mitra

2017 Slate of Candidates

2016 Election Results

President-Elect: Khaled B. Letaief

David Michelson
Ricardo Veiga
Lajos Hanzo
Wanjiun Liao

2016 Slate of Candidates

2015 Election Results

VP Conferences: Guoliang (Larry) Xue
VP Member Relations: Stefano Bregni
VP Publications: Nelson Fonseca
VP Standards Activties: Robert S. Fish
VP Technical Activities: Luigi Fratta

Leonard J. Cimini
Tom Hou
Robert Schober
Qian Zhang

2015 Slate of Candidates

2014 Election Results

President-Elect: Harvey A. Freeman
Gerhard Fettweis
Araceli Garcia Gomez
Steve Gorshe
James Hong

2014 Slate of Candidates

2013 Election Results

VP Conferences: Hikmet Sari
VP Member Relations: Stefano Bregni
VP Publications: Sarah Kate Wilson
VP Standards Activities: Robert S. (Rob) Fish
VP Technical Activities: Khaled B. Letaief
Sonia Aissa
Xuemin (Sherman) Shen
Hsiao-Hwa Chen
Nei Kato

2013 Slate of Candidates

2012 Election Results

President-Elect: Sergio Benedetto
Nirwan Ansari
Stefano Bregni
Hans-Martin Foisel
David G. Michelson

2012 Slate of Candidates

2011 Election Results

VP Conferences: Abbas Jamalipour
VP Member Relations: Nelson Fonseca
VP Publications: Vincent Chan
VP Standards Activities: Alexander Gelman
VP Technical Activities: Leonard Cimini
Merrily Hartmann
Angel Lozano
John Thompson
Chengshan Xiao

2011 Slate of Candidates

2010 Election Results

President-Elect: Vijay Bhargava
Gerhard Fettweis
Stefano Galli
Bob Shapiro
Moe Win

2010 Slate of Candidates

2009 Election Results

VP Conferences: Khaled B. Letaief
VP Member Relations: Sergio Benedetto
VP Publications: Len Cimini
VP Technical Activities: Mark Karol
Stefano Bregni
Vincent Chan
Iwao Sasase
Sarah Kate Wilson

2009 Slate of Candidates

2008 Election Results

President-Elect: Byeong Gi Lee
Joseph Evans
Robert Fish
Nelson Fonseca
Michele Zorzi

2008 Slate of Candidates

2007 Election Results

VP Conferences: Mark Karol
VP Member Relations: Byeong Gi Lee
VP Publications: Sergio Benedetto
VP Technical Activities: Andrzej Jajszcyk
Fred Bauer
Victor Frost
Stefano Galli
Lajos Hanzo

2007 Slate of Candidates

2006 Election Results

President-Elect: Douglas N. Zuckerman

Catherin Rosenberg
Theodore S. Rappaport
Thomas F. La Porta
Gordon Stüber

2006 Slate of Candidates

2005 Election Results

VP Membership Development: Byeong Gi Lee
VP Membership Services: Harvey A. Freeman
VP Society Relations: Doug Zuckerman
VP Technical Activities: Sergio Benedetto
Andrea Goldsmith
Khaled Ben-Letaief
Thomas M. Chen
Peter J. McLane

2005 Slate of Candidates

2004 Election Results

President-Elect: Nim Cheung

Robert G. Blake
Leonard J. Cimini, Jr.
Jerry D. Gibson
Larry Greenstein

2004 Slate of Candidates

2003 Election Results

VP Membership Development: Alex Gelman
VP Membership Services: Doug Zuckerman
VP Society Relations: Nim Cheung
VP Technical Activities: Harvey Freeman
Scott Atkinson
Stan Moyer
Heinrich Stüttgen
Noahisa Ohta

2003 Slate of Candidates

2002 Election Results

President-Elect: Curtis A. Siller

Jorg Liebeherr
Harold Sobol
Howard A. Blank
Joseph L. LoCicero

2002 Slate of Candidates

2001 Election Results

VP Membership Development: Trevor Clarkson
VP Membership Services: Roberto Saracco
VP Society Relations: Alex Gelman
VP Technical Activities: Bill Tranter
Jerry Peterson
Chih-Lin I
Vijay Bhargava
Hugh Bradlow

2001 Slate of Candidates

2000 Election Results

President-Elect: Celia Desmond

Hamid Aghvami
Ross Anderson
Larry Bernstein
Harvey Freeman

2000 Slate of Candidates

1999 Election Results

VP Membership Development: Doug Zuckerman
VP Membership Services: Horst Bessai
VP Society Relations: Federico Tosco
VP Technical Activities: Curtis Siller
Tomonori Aoyama
Alex Gelman
Roch Guerin
Byeong Gi Lee

1999 Slate of Candidates

1998 Election Results

President-Elect: José Roberto B. de Marca

Bill Tranter
Laura Cerchio
Leonard Cimini
Roberta Cohen

1998 Slate of Candidates