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IEEE Fellows Elevated as of 1 January 1987

Election to the grade of IEEE Fellow is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon our members by the Institute in recognition of their technical, educational, and leadership achievements. Only a select few IEEE members earn this prestigious honor.

Congratulations to the following Communications Society members for their election to the grade of Fellow of the IEEE. They now join company with a truly distinguished roster of colleagues.

Dharma P. Argawal
For contributions to parallel system architecture, interconnection networks and computer arithmetic.

John B. Anderson
For contribution to tree coding and bandwidth-efficient modulation.

Maier L. Blostein
For leadership in the development of university/industry interaction.

Eugene R. Cacciamani, Jr.
For contribution to the development and implementation of digital satellite and data communications.

Wushow Chou
For contributions to the theory and practice of large-scale data network modeling and design.

Alain Croiser
For leadership in digital communications technology and innovation in digital filter design.

Bruce R. De Maeyer
For leadership in and contributions to the implementation of major metropolitan electronic switching systems.

Fred W. Ellersick
For contribution to military communications and to IEEE publications activities.

Neal C. Gallagher, Jr.
For contribution to the theory and application of rank order filtering and computer-generated holography.

Edward J. Glenner
For contribution to the digitization of the United States public telephone network.

Larry J. Greenstein
For contribution to the theory and design of radio communications systems.

Barry G. Haskell
For contribution to the science and technology of image signal processing , compression and transmission.

Paul S. Henry
For contributions to spread-spectrum digital mobile radio and lightwave transmission systems.

Virgil I. Johannes
For contributions to the development of digital transmission concepts, facilities and standards.

'William J. Judge
For contribution to the synthesis and development of anti-jam communications systems.

Victor B. Lawrence
For contributions to the understanding of quantization effects in digital signal processors and the applications of digital signal processing to data communications.

David Malah
For contributions to the development of time-domain harmonic scaling, and its application to bit-rate reduction in speech coding systems.

Kazuhiro Miyauchi
For contribution to the development and application of high-speed digital transmission technology in communications.

James W. Modestino
For contribution to theory and practice of image coding.

Peyton Z. Peebles, Jr.
For contributions to the theory of radar systems and electrical engineering education.

H. Vincent Poor
For contributions to the theory of robust linear filtering applied to signal detection and estimation.

Shahid Ul Haq Qureshi
For contribution to the architecture and commercial development of high-speed, voice-band modems.

Stephen S. Rappaport
For developing techniques for multiple-access communications and acquisition of spread-spectrum signals.

Izhak Rubin
For contributions to the development and design of computer communication systems and networks and to engineering education.

Adel A.M Saleh
For contribution to the theory of microwave mixers.

K. Sam Shanmugan
For contribution to the field of computer-aided modeling, analysis, and simulation of communication systems.

Chong Kwan Un
For leadership in the development of data communication systems, and for contributions to speech coding and signal processing.