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About ComSoc

This Committee is responsible for facilitating the Society's budget process and for managing and providing direction in all aspects of Society financial matters.

Committee Roster

Chair (Treasurer) | Stan Moyer (2023)

Voting Members

President | Xuemin (Sherman) Shen (2022-2023)
President-Elect | Robert Schober (2023)
Vice Presidents (2022-2023) | Wei Zhang, Chengshen Xiao, Ana Armada Garcia, Nelson Fonseca
CIO | Rose Qingyang Hu
MALs (class representatives) | Hanna Bogucka (2023-2025), Yuging (Michael) Fang (2022-2024), Sumei Sun (2021-2023)
Non-BoG MALs | Phillipa Martin (2022-2024), Merrily Hartmann (2021-2023), Tom Hou (2021-2023)

Non-Voting Members

Executive Director | Harold Tepper
Staff | Bruce Worthman
Sonia Aissa (2021-2023)

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