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The evolution from 5G to 6G is expected to transfer the communication philosophy from connected people and things to connected intelligence, which brings new usage scenarios and new challenges for the multiple access design. Firstly, the number of mobile broadband users is expected to expand quickly, making network capacity a potential bottleneck. Meanwhile, the journey of Internet-of-Things (IoT) initiated in 5G is expected to continue and connect an even large number of machine type devices with very diversified requirements. Another interesting application scenario is a large scale distributed learning and inference where numerous smart agents will transfer sensed data, calculated models, or intermediate results to the base stations acting as edge artificial intelligence (AI) servers. It is thus crucial to study Next Generation Multiple Access (NGMA) to effectively increase network capacity, enlarge the connectivity of massive IoT devices with diversified requirements, and enable efficient large-scale distributed learning and inference among smart agents and edge servers.

This ETI group intends to support and promote relevant activities in academia and industries with the cooperation of researchers and experts from various disciplines and communities. The scope of possible candidates for this ETI includes but is not limited to: (1) nonorthogonal multiple access in both power and code domain as well as its joint design with large-scale antenna systems; (2) massive grant-free access schemes, including random access schemes and the related signal processing techniques; (3) efficient bidirectional schemes for multiple access that include transmission of control information and data in the downlink, in addition to the uplink; (4) native AI-enabled multiple access schemes, and other possible multiple access candidates for new application scenarios such as large scale distributed machine learning; (5) other emerging multiple access schemes.

Academic Chair | Yuanwei Liu
Industrial Chair | Yan Chen
Vice Chairs
Vice Chair - UK & Ireland Region | Zhiguo Ding
Vice Chair - Canada Region | Octavia A. Dobre
Vice Chair - USA & Latin America Region | Wei Yu
Vice Chair - Africa & EU Region | Petar Popovski
Vice Chair - Asia-Pacific Region | Pingzhi Fan
Vice Chair - Industry | Peiying Zhu
Secretary | Xidong Mu
Tutorial and Best Reading Officers | Liang Liu, Maxime Guillaud, Daniel B. da Costa, Naofal Al-Dhahir
Journal Special Issue Officers | Shuowen Zhang, Xiaoming Chen, Wei Chen, Harpreet S. Dhillon, Chee Wei Tan, Robert Schober
Conference Symposium and Workshop Officers | Wenjuan Yu, Ying Cui, Xidong Mu, Marco Di Renzo, George K. Karagiannidis
Seminar and Invited Talk Officers | Fang Fang, Ertugrul Basar, Yury Polyanskiy, Kai-Kit Wong
Industrial Activity Officer | Sen Wang
Standardization Officer | Yiqun Wu
Publicity Officers | Xiaolan Liu, Tianwei Hou, Wonjae Shin
Liaison with Emerging Technologies Committee Officers | Hamid Jafarkhani
Liaison with Technical Committee Officer | Ekram Hossain
Liaison with IEEE ComSoc Student Competition | Yifei Yuan

Visit the Next Generation Multiple Access Emerging Technology Initiative website.

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