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Paper Topic Publication Date Manuscript Submission Deadline
Multi-Function Reconfigurable Intelligent and Holographic Surfaces for 6G Networks
Trustworthy and Intelligent 6G Mobile Networks Closed
The Interplay Between Generative AI and 5G-Advanced toward 6G Closed
Blockchain-based 6G Mobile Network and Service Closed
Goal-oriented Semantic Communication and Networking Closed
6G Non-Terrestrial Networks for Intelligent IoT Services Closed
Advancements in Network-Assisted Video Streaming: Optimization and Performance Analysis Closed
Internet of Robots Closed
New Network Architectures, Protocols, and Technologies for 6G Mobile Networks Closed
Network Digital Twin Closed
Advanced Networking and Applications for Metaverse and Web 3.0 Closed
Security Assurance for Intelligent Connected Vehicles Closed
Tactile Internet for a Cyber-Physical Continuum Closed
Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Closed
Interplay Between Machine Learning and Networking Systems Closed
Networking Challenges and Opportunities for Multi-user XR and the Metaverse Closed
Converged Computing and Communications for Distributed Cloud Closed
Networked Sensing Systems for A Sustainable Society Closed
Digital Twin for 6G Networks Closed
Next Generation Multiple Access for 6G Closed
6G Network AI Architecture for Customized Services and Applications Closed
Smart Community Networks and Systems Closed
Native Artificial Intelligence in Integrated Terrestrial and Non-Terrestrial Networks in 6G Closed
Federated Optimizations and Networked Edge Intelligence Closed
Quantum Communications and Networking Closed
Zero Touch Networks: Opportunities, Challenges and Potential Applications Closed
Trust, Security and Privacy of 6G Closed
Networking Technologies for Harsh Environments Closed
Next-Generation Optical Access Networks to Support Super-Broadband Services and 5G/6G Mobile Networks Closed
Managing Next-Generation Networks for Intelligent Services and Applications Closed
New Network Architectures, Protocols and Algorithms for Time-Sensitive Applications Closed
Bridging the Gap between Industry and Academia for Networking Research Closed
Interplay Between Machine Learning and Networking Systems Closed
AI and 6G Convergence: An Energy-Efficiency Perspective Closed
Ubiquitous IoT with integrated Space, Air, Ground, and Ocean Networks Closed
Space Information Networks: Technological Challenges, Design Issues, and Solutions Closed
In-Network Computing: Emerging Trends for the Edge-Cloud Continuum Closed
AI-Enabled Networking Technologies for Tackling Epidemic Diseases Closed
Artificial Intelligence Empowered Future Connection Closed
AI-Empowered Mobile Edge Computing in the Internet of Vehicles Closed
5G for Internet of Things Closed
Deep Learning Models and Techniques for Security and Privacy Preservation in 5G Heterogeneous Networks (5G HetNets) Closed
Learning-based Edge Computing Services Closed
Blockchain-Envisioned Drones: Realizing 5G-Enabled Flying Automation Closed
AI for Mobile Networks Closed
Emerging Intelligent Systems and Smart Computational Technologies for Future IoT Closed
Blockchain and AI for Beyond 5G Networks Closed
Private Blockchain in Industrial IoT Closed
Big Data Intelligent Networking Closed
Cyber Security based on Artificial Intelligence for Cyber-Physical Systems Closed
Recent Advances in Security and Privacy for Future Intelligent Networks Closed
Blockchains for Scalable IoT Management, Access and Accountability Closed
Enabling Networked Services and Technologies for Connected Healthcare Closed
Edge Intelligence for Industrial Internet of Things Closed
On Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum for Future 5G/B5G Wireless Systems Closed
Intelligent Network Assisted by Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning Closed
Internet of Things for Smart Cities: Technologies and Applications Closed
Space and Terrestrial Integrated Network: Emerging Research Advances, Prospects, and Challenges Closed
AI for Network Traffic Control Closed


Paper Topic Publication Date
Quantum Communications and Networking: Series 1 November/December 2023
Quantum Communications and Networking: Series 2 May/June 2024
Quantum Communications and Networking: Series 3 March/April 2025