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IEEE Fellows Elevated as of 1 January 2004

Election to the grade of IEEE Fellow is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon our members by the Institute in recognition of their technical, educational, and leadership achievements. Only a select few IEEE members earn this prestigious honor.

Congratulations to the following Communications Society members for their election to the grade of Fellow of the IEEE. They now join company with a truly distinguished roster of colleagues.

Nihat Bilgutay
For leadership in engineering education innovation.

Shih-Fu Chang
For contributions to digital video and multimedia technologies.

Philip A. Chou
For contributions to variational methods in information theory, signal processing, and compression.

Aly Elrefaie
For contributions to optical and wireless communication systems.

Julie Elizabeth Fouquet
For contributions to optical switch and light-emitting device technologies.

Vincent Francis Fusco
For contributions to the design of active and self-tracking antenna technology.

Robert Alexander Hanna
For contributions to the applications of medium voltage adjustable speed drives and power quality.

Kenneth James Kerpez
For contributions to digital subscriber line technology and standards.

Amos Lapidoth
For contributions to robust communications under channel uncertainty.

Michael Jay Marcus
For leadership in the development of spectrum management policies.

Koso Murakami
For contributions to switching technologies and systems for broadband communications networks.

Mikael Ostling
For contributions to semiconductor device technology and education.

Vladimir Parizhsky
For contributions to modem technology and standards development.

S. Ramadorai
For leadership in the development of multidisciplinary software solutions.

M. Ibrahim Sezan
For technical leadership in digital image and video processing.

Paul Gregory Steffes
For contributions to the understanding of planetary atmospheres.

Wim Sweldens
For contributions to multiresolution methods for image and 3D geometry compression.

David L. Tennenhouse
For leadership in the development of active networks.

Moe Z. Win
For contributions to wideband wireless transmission.

Hong-Jiang Zhang
For contributions to media computing and leadership in content-based visual media analysis, retrieval, and browsing.

Thomas Joseph Brazil
For contributions to circuit-level modeling of non-linear devices.

Chatschik Bisdikian
For contributions to the development, modeling, and analysis of communication protocols and wireless personal area networks.

Ray T. Chen
For contributions to polymer-based guided devices for optical interconnects.

Casimer DeCusatis
For contributions to fiber optic data communication systems.

Deborah Estrin
For innovations in scalable network protocols and sensor network research.

Minyue Fu
For contributions to robust control and signal estimation

Evan Lee Goldstein
For contributions to optical communications.

Lajos Hanzo
For contributions to adaptive wireless communication systems.

Beomsup Kim
For contributions to integrated circuits for high-speed communication systems.

Hans-Andrea Loeliger
For contributions to group codes, iterative decoding, and analog implementation of decoders.

Michael Joseph McLaughlin
For contributions to the development of digital speech coding standards for wireless communications.

Richard M. Murray
For contributions to the theory of nonlinear control and its applications to robotics, flight control, and fluid systems.

Takashi Ohira
For contributions to variable microwave signal processing circuits and antennas.

Sanjoy Paul
For contributions to the design and development of communication network protocols.

Mohamad A. H. Sawan
For contributions to implantable medical devices.

Asrar Sheikh
For contributions to railroad control systems.

Douglas Strain
For leadership in the development of automated test and calibration systems.

Arnold Lee Swindlehurst
For contributions to the field of space-time signal processing for radar and wireless communications.

Stuart K. Tewksbury
For contributions to telecommunications and interconnections in high-performance digital systems.

Gregory Wornell
For contributions to efficient signal processing algorithms for wireless communications.

Zhen Zhang
For contributions to source coding theory and information inequalities.

Steven J. Wallach
For contributions to high-performance computing.

Dau-Chyrh Chang
For technical leadership in antenna design and measurement systems.

Edwin Chong
For contributions to communication networks and discrete event systems.

Serge N. Demidenko
For contributions to electronic testing.

James Farmer
For technical leadership in the cable television industry.

Thomas Edward Fuja
For contributions to error control coding.

Stephen Marshall Goodnick
For contributions to carrier transport fundamentals and semiconductor devices.

Masayuki Izutsu
For contributions to integrated optics and broadband guided-wave light modulators.

Harold Kirkham
For leadership in the field of optical measurements for power systems.

Jean-Yves LeBoudec
For contributions to the theory and practice of service guarantees in packet networks.

Yukou Mochida
For contributions to the development and deployment of digital transport systems.

Seiichi Namba
For contributions to integrated digital broadcasting systems.

Bjorn Erik Ottersten
For contributions to antenna signal processing and wireless communications.

Giancarlo Prati
For leadership in optical and radio communications.

David Barry Scott
For contributions to CMOS and BICMOS technology and circuits.

Daniel Dean Stancil
For contributions to the theory and development of microwave and optical devices using magnetic garnet thin films and patterned ferroelectric domains.

Michael G. Strintzis
For contributions to digital filtering, image processing, and coding.

Tieniu Tan
For contributions to pattern recognition research and applications.

Ismail Burhan Turksen
For contributions to fuzzy logic systems.

Ken-ichi Yukimatsu
For contributions on photonic switching technologies and systems.

Yilin Zhao
For contributions to location and navigation technologies and systems.