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Conferences & Events

  1. What is the importance of the CFP deadline?
    Addendums should be submitted at least 3 months prior to the CFP deadline to provide sufficient time for IEEE ComSoc to publicize the CFP and the conference to our membership. Please notify us if the CFP deadline is extended so we may update our marketing materials.
  2. Why can’t I use the IEEE, ComSoc, or Xplore® names and logos before the formal approval?
    It is not appropriate to make reference to organizations, agreements, or parties, or to imply relationships, before all parties have consented to such relationships or agreements. Upon satisfactory completion of the IEEE Conference Application and the IEEE ComSoc Addendum, an MOU will be prepared and signed by all parties. Not until the MOU is fully executed may the IEEE and IEEE ComSoc logos be used (reference:  IEEE Policy 10.1.4). IEEE Policy 10.1.4, in part, states: Co-sponsored conferences shall not use the IEEE name or Master Brand in their web sites, publications, or promotions before the MOU is executed. Failure to obtain formal approval before the IEEE ComSoc logo is used on a co-sponsored conference's websites, publications, or promotions may result in the TCS application being rejected.
  3. How can the IEEE ComSoc logo be used on a TCS conference website?
    All TCS conferences can post the IEEE ComSoc logo on their website, as long as, the logo is posted with the text "Technically Co-Sponsored by" or "Technical Co-Sponsor." While a TCS conference is technically co-sponsored by IEEE ComSoc, it is NOT an IEEE ComSoc Portfolio conference. Only IEEE ComSoc Portfolio conferences and events can post the IEEE ComSoc logo by itself.
  4. Why does IEEE ComSoc ask organizers to provide the URL of an active conference website which includes the CFP?
    The conference website is a valuable tool for IEEE ComSoc volunteers as they review your Addendum. The Call for Papers provides the best insight into the technical scope, content, and design of your technical program. The paper submission process, the technical program outline, keynote speaker topics, registration options, committee members, etc., give additional insight into the overall planning for the conference.
  5. Why is it necessary to contact IEEE ComSoc TCs?
    In order for IEEE ComSoc to grant technical co-sponsorship, at least one of our Technical Committees (TC) must endorse the conference. The endorsement helps to ensure that the technical program falls within the scope of the TC, that there is a quality, independent peer review process for paper selection, and that at least three TC members will be directly and substantially involved in the activities of the Technical Program Committee (TPC). In order to identify the TC members who will serve on the TPC, conference organizers should discuss with the TC Chair. That conversation should garner the support of the TC which will be demonstrated by 3 of their members serving on the TPC. During the formal review of this Addendum, the TC Chair(s) will be given the opportunity to officially endorse the conference based on this interaction with the Conference Organizing Committee.
  6. Why is there a non-refundable application fee of US$1450?
    The fee is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the sponsorship request, a full review is necessary and administrative costs are incurred. The fee is based on a policy, whereby, IEEE charges its societies this amount (US$1450) for every conference they technically sponsor. The application fee partially compensates for IEEE ComSoc's TCS cost, e.g., staff time, administration, website, etc.
  7. Why have I been asked to pay an additional US$500 fee?
    This is the Xplore® Delivery Deposit fee which IEEE ComSoc collects as a result of an IEEE policy that went into effect 1 January 2011. The US$500 deposit is required before we proceed to process an Addendum for one of two reasons: 1) the Addendum indicates IEEE will not be the owner of the copyright for the conference proceedings, or 2) previous conferences in the series have not delivered their proceedings to IEEE within the 30-day deadline. This deposit will be refunded after the timely (within 30 days after end of conference) delivery of the conference proceedings to IEEE Xplore® per the Letter of Acquisition. The deposit will also be refunded if IEEE ComSoc decides not to participate as a technical co-sponsor, or if the technical co-sponsorship MOU is terminated before the conference takes place.
  8. Why does IEEE ComSoc require an opt-in attendee list?
    IEEE ComSoc may use this opt-in attendee list to make contact concerning similar IEEE ComSoc conferences, technical products, or to ask opinions.
  9. Why does IEEE ComSoc require that the conference proceedings be submitted to IEEE Xplore®?
    IEEE ComSoc technically co-sponsors conferences provide our members more opportunities to attend quality events. The proceedings from these quality events, when published in IEEE Xplore®, enrich our offerings as a professional organization.