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Authors please read this carefully. Failure to do so will quite possibly result in long delays in processing your paper.

Since each issue of JSAC is devoted to a specific technical topic, all papers submitted to JSAC must be submitted in response to a published Call-for-Papers. "At large" submissions will NOT be accepted. In addition, all submissions must be submitted as directed in the Call-for-Papers. Please refer to "Information for Authors" found in any JSAC issue for specific instructions on paper submissions.

Guest editors may submit their own papers to their own special issue, but the special issue should not be used to showcase the work of the guest editors. Most of the papers comprising the special issue should be drawn from submissions in response to the open call for papers for the issue. The guest editors, however, are encouraged to provide a tutorial of the area covered by the special issue, particularly if that area is new. Papers written by guest editors undergo a review process that is somewhat different from that for other papers submitted to the special issue; please refer to JSAC's policy on reviewing guest editors' papers for more details. Guest editors must exercise some restraint in submitting their own papers to their own special issue. Failure to do so will result in guest editors' submissions being rejected without review. Please consult JSAC's policy on the number of submissions permitted for guest editors for details.

JSAC is a hybrid journal that permits both traditional subscription-based content as well as open access, author-pays content. The quality of the review process for open access and traditional articles is the same. Any open access papers published within JSAC are included in the hardcopy as well IEEE Xplore versions. Please consult Open Access for JSAC for more information.