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ComSoc Technology News (CTN) is a free, online monthly publication that publishes interesting, timely, and newsworthy articles that span a wide range of topics related to the communications technology industry. Our mission is to be an informational resource that brings diverse perspective and thought leadership, while providing a platform for lively discussion amongst our readers.

CTN is run by a team of volunteer editorial board members who are technical experts in diverse fields. All articles are reviewed and edited by a technical editor. The editor-in-chief performs the final review prior to publication. 

January 2022 Issue

A Look Back at 2021 and Our Predictions for 2022

Over the new year’s break, the CTN team spent quite a bit of time to consider our predictions for 2022. We will do our best to provide some insight on the coming year.  With an avalanche of predictions coming from everywhere, we noticed that not many, if any, cared to see if their 2021 predictions actually panned out. So, in the spirit of accountability, we asked our esteemed former Editor-in-Chief, Alan Gatherer, to take a look at what the team came up with and use his natural wit to tell us how they did.  As you will see, he fell on the sword more than once. That’s the spirit Alan!

After that, in a much more subdued style, we embark on a new set of predictions that, by the look of them, seem to mirror, well, 2021’s.  And, for those that like the Marvel and Toy Story movies, you can try to guess what movies the 2022 predictions titles came from. Hope you have as much fun reading them as we had crafting them.

CTN Editorial Board
Alan Gatherer, CTN Guest Editor

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