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IEEE Fellows Elevated as of 1 January 1993

Election to the grade of IEEE Fellow is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon our members by the Institute in recognition of their technical, educational, and leadership achievements. Only a select few IEEE members earn this prestigious honor.

Congratulations to the following Communications Society members for their election to the grade of Fellow of the IEEE. They now join company with a truly distinguished roster of colleagues.

Gerald R. Ash
For contribution to the conception and implementation of dynamic routing in telecommunication networks.

Paul Baran
For pioneering packet switching and other advances in the art of electronic communication.

C. Richmond Baugh
For contribution to modern digital communications techniques in computers and telephony.

Jules A. Bellisio
For contributions to and leadership in the conception and realization of digital television systems for current and emerging telecommunications networks.

John A. C. Bingham
For contribution to the theory and practice of voiceband data transmission.

Dennis Bodson
For leadership and engineering management in the development of international and national standards relating to facsimile and associated technologies.

Imrich Chlamtac
For contributions to the design and analysis of channel control protocols and their application to communication networks.

John N. Daigle 
For contributions to queuing theory and its application to telecommunications systems.

Irving Engelson
For management leadership of global IEEE technical activities.

Robert M. Gagliardi
For contribution to the design and practice of optical and satellite communications.

Francis Alexander Gicca
For leadership in the development of military communications systems.

Tri Thuc Ha
For contributions to satellite communications systems.

David Haccoun
For contributions to the study of probabilistic decoding algorithms for convolutional codes.

Pierre A. Humblet
For contributions to optical-fiber networks, distributed algorithms, and protocols.

Ferdo Ivanek
For contributions to the development of fundamental-frequency/microwave oscillators and amplifiers and their application in analog and digital radio relay systems.

Rajendra K. Jain
For contributions to performance analysis and modeling of computer systems and networks, and for providing a new direction for solutions to the problem of network congestion.

Charles N. Judice
For technical leadership in visual communications research and applications.

Mark J. Karol
For contribution to the theory, design, and analysis of high-performance packet switches and multi-user lightwave communication networks.

Saleem A Kassam
For contributions to the theory and application of signal detection and estimation.

Yasusada Kitahara
For leadership in the promotion of the Information Network System, and contributions to related R&D activities.

Makoto Kitazawa
For contribution to the development of television broadcasting transmitters and for leadership in development of all-solid-state high power television transmitters.

Aurel A. Lazar
For contributions to optimal flow control and quality of service management in broadband networks.

Lin-Shan Lee
For contributions to computer voice input/output techniques for Mandarin Chinese and to engineering education.

Donald C. Malocha
For contribution to the development of computer-aided design for surface acoustic wave (SAW) transducers and filters.

Rikio Maruta
For contribution to the practical application of digital signal processing techniques for telecommunications systems through the development of algorithms and DSP LSI chips.

Toshi Minami
For contribution to the research and development to the research and development of visual communication systems and digital picture processing.

Nirode C. Mohanty
For contribution to the development of secure, survivable communications and surveillance systems.

Toshihiko Namekawa
For contribution to information distribution network technology in consumer products.

Kunishi Nosaka
For contributions to the development satellite communications and optical submarine cable systems.

Josef A. Nossek
For contribution to the design of discrete-time networks and for technical leadership in the development of radio communication systems.

Roy S. Nutter, Jr
For introducing the microprocessor and advanced computer technology to applications in the mining industry.

Rafael Portaencasa-Baeza
For institutional developments and leadership in computer science and engineering education, and for management of technology organizations.

Norman F. Scheidewind
For contributions to software measurement models in reliabilition and metrics, and for leadership in advancing the field of software maintenance.

Nachum Shacham
For contributions to the performance analysis and design of computer-communication protocols.

Mansoor Shafi
For contributions to the propagation modeling of microwave radio paths and for leadership in the deployment of digital radio.

Yoshitaka Takasaki
For contribution to digital communication system design.

Sergio Verdu
For contribution to multi-user communication and information theory.

Jean C. Walrand
For the development of highly efficient techniques for the analysis, control, and simulation of stochastic networks and stochastic resource allocation problems.

Stuart Wecker
For contribution to computer network architectures and computer communication protocols.