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About ComSoc

The aim of this emerging technology initiative (ETI) is to foster research and innovation surrounding the design, development and evaluation of sound-based communications. Current sound-based practices and systems developed in both academia and industry point to convergent research trends that bring together the field of Sound and Music Computing with that of the Internet of Things. This ETI proposes to investigate the emerging field of the Internet of Sounds (IoS), which stems from such disciplines. The IoS relates to the network of Sound Things, i.e., devices capable of sensing, acquiring, processing, actuating, and exchanging data serving the purpose of communicating sound-related information. The proposal for this ETI stemmed from the emerging IoS community, which gathers around the Internet of Sounds Research Network ( and annually organizes the International Symposium on the Internet of Sounds. The ambition of this ETI is not only to bridge existing research areas and communities and foster cross-domain collaborations, but also to ensure that IoS-related challenges are tackled within a shared, pluralist and system-level perspective. Both academic research and industrial research are considered (along with basic and applied research), in line with the interdisciplinary background of the partners.

Chair | Luca Turchet
Vice-Chair | Carlo Fischione
Secretary | Nils Peters
Industry Liaison Officer | Sacha Krstulovic
Workshops, Tutorials, & Symposia Officers | Jan Østergaard, Marcelo M. Wanderley
Special Issues and Publications Officers | Maximo Cobos, Woon-Seng Gan
Standardization Officers | Jan Dürre, Stefano Giordano
Seminar and Invited Talk Officers | George Fazekas, Tuomas Virtanen
Diversity Officer | Cristina Rottondi
Policy Officer | Elisabetta Lazzaro

Visit the Internet of Sounds Emerging Technologies Initiative website.

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