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About ComSoc

The Asia Pacific Board (APB) is responsible for stimulating, coordinating and promoting the activities of ComSoc members and Chapters throughout the AP Region.

Board Roster

Chair/Director | Tomoaki Otsuki (2022-2023)

Voting Members (2022-2023)

Past Director | Sumei Sun
Vice Director (MDC and CCC) | Youngchul Sung
Vice Director (TAC) | Lingyang Song
Vice Director (ISC and MCC) | Yao-Win Peter Hong
Secretary and Treasurer | Koji Kamakura, Nordin Ramli
DLT/DSP Coordinator | Byonghyo Shim
Chapters Coordination Committee (CCC)
CCC Co-Chairs | Neelesh Mehta, Hiroshi Shigeno
CCC Vice-Chairs | Chau Yuen, Li Wang
Information Services Committee (ISC)
ISC Co-Chairs | Takahiko Saba, Hsuan-Jung Su
ISC Vice-Chairs | Linglong Dai, Takaya Miyazawa
Meetings and Conference Committee (MCC)
MCC Co-Chairs | Hung-Yun Hsieh, Tony Quek
MCC Vice-Chairs | Yuan Wu, Noriaki Kamiyama
Membership Development Committee (MDC)
MDC Co-Chairs | Doohwan Lee, Sudhan Majhi
MDC Vice-Chairs | Yong Zeng, Prof. Hyunbum Kim
Technical Affairs Committee (TAC)
TAC Co-Chairs | Mianxiong Dong, Chan-Byoung Chae
TAC Vice-Chairs | Kyunghan Lee, Fang Chao
Young Professionals Committee (YPC)
YPC Co-Chairs | Nicholas Wong, Yuichi Kawamoto
YPC Vice-Chairs | Qingqing Wu, Kentaroh Toyoda
Women in Communications Engineering Committee (WICEC)
WICEC Co-Chairs | Kaoru Ohta, Jemin Lee
WICEC Vice-Chairs | Shuowen Zhang, Wenjuan Tang

New York Staff | Cindy Tiritilli
Singapore Staff | Ewell Tan
Beijing Office | Ning Hua

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