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Technical Activities

Technical Committees

Guiding the high-interest initiatives in communication technology.

Members of our technical committees provide the foundation for IEEE ComSoc’s technological pursuits. From big data to optical networking, from social networks to wireless communications, current topics bring professionals with common interests in communication together—twice a year at major conferences and throughout the year to determine which events, conferences and workshops will be technically co-sponsored by IEEE ComSoc. Members inspired by new areas of technology are strongly encouraged to form a new initiative through our Emerging Technologies Committee (ETC).


Emerging Technologies Initiatives

The Emerging Technologies Committee (ETC) is responsible for identifying and nurturing new technology directions through various activities including the formation of initiatives in areas that are of high interest to ComSoc members.

Members with a common interest in a new or emerging technology area are strongly encouraged to form a new initiative - with the expectation that such a group may eventually evolve into a full-fledged technical committee under the Society's Education and Technical Affairs Council (TEAC).

The initiatives organize a range of activities to promote their technical area and may also serve as technical co-sponsors for IEEE ComSoc conferences and publications. All IEEE ComSoc members are encouraged to participate in ETC initiatives that intersect with their interests and to propose new ones associated with emerging technologies in the field of communications.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Leverage greater convenience and clarity for businesses and consumers alike with IoT technologies.

Fog Computing

Extend cloud computing to the edge of your network, uniting end devices and data centers.

Cyber Security

Safeguard data from would-be thieves now and tomorrow by exploring the most advanced cyber security options.

Sustainable ICT

Harness the power of ICT without the negative environmental impact

Big Data

Enable better insights and better decision making for strategic business growth with big data.

Wireless Communications

Stay connected – anytime, anywhere – through the use of the most current wireless communications technologies.