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To ignite excitement in younger students and engage and help educate the next generation of engineers, ComSoc is now offering a variety of resources in STEM and Pre-University Education. 

These offerings help students, their teachers and parents learn more about communication technologies and understand potential career paths in this area.


Featured News

New ComSoc Page on TryEngineering Website

To ignite that excitement in younger students, this ComSoc-focused page will help pre-university level students, their teachers, parents, and volunteers find all of the Tryengineering telecommunications-themed resources in one place!  The ComSoc TryEngineering page provides quick access to all of the teacher peer-reviewed TryEngineering telecommunications-themed lesson plans, resources, videos, news, and the newest resource, hands-on activities. Check out this new page now.

View the Recording of the Pre-University Education Webinar on 4 April

Learn about the resources that are available to help you with organizing a local Pre-University STEM activity.  Hear from volunteers who have organized past events and learn their recommendations to support a successful activity. Read the full article to learn more about this webinar.

Pre-University Education - Plan & Share Your 2023 Activities

Explore what is happening within IEEE ComSoc to reach younger students and inspire the next generation of communications engineers.  There are Pre-University / STEM educational activities and events happening throughout ComSoc.  Get a glimpse of what is taking place, some ideas to plan your own activities, and instructions on how to share information about your events.  Read the full article to learn more.

Featured Resource

Pre-University STEM Webinar 2023 April 4 banner

Inspire Pre-University STEM Students Using Communications Technology Webinar

4 April 2023

In this webinar from 4 April 2023, ComSoc volunteers shared information about one of ComSoc’s newest education programs, the Pre-University STEM Education Program. The webinar featured volunteers who have successfully organized Pre-University STEM events and shared information about those activities and their recommendations for success in this area. Speakers also highlighted the resources that are available to you now to help you with organizing a local Pre-University STEM activity. Watch this webinar (approximately 1 hour in length).

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