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We are pleased to provide complimentary access to sponsor-prepared webcasts on the latest advances in communications technology. Access to these webcasts will be offered for a limited time.

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Radio Propagation Channel Modeling Fundamentals

In any wireless system, the propagation environment that links transmitters and receivers is an integral part of end-to-end operation. This propagation environment is becoming an increasingly critical consideration for system design and test as radio technology continues to evolve, particularly for 5G deployment/optimization and next-gen aerospace/defense innovations.

This webinar will introduce the key theory and concepts on which next-generation test strategies are based. We’ll examine the role that propagation loss, propagation delay, Doppler shifting, multipath, MIMO air interfaces, and antenna radiation patterns play, and how these relate to both the time and spatial domains. You will find this presentation valuable whether you are new to the concept of channel modeling or an expert in this field dealing with new technical challenges.


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