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We are pleased to provide complimentary access to sponsor-prepared webcasts on the latest advances in communications technology. Access to these webcasts will be offered for a limited time.

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Tackling Emerging Millimeter-Wave Applications Beyond 50 GHz (802.11ay, 5GNR)

Large swaths of contiguous millimeter-wave spectrum are being opened in the U.S, which offers the allure of using some of these bands for new and interesting high data throughput applications. For example, emerging applications such as 802.11ay require bandwidths of approximately 4 GHz, with the potential of up to approximately 8 GHz of bandwidth moving forward. However, this will require careful consideration in designing and testing systems to support these wider modulation bandwidths and higher-order modulation types.

This webcast will discuss some of the challenges these very wide signal bandwidths introduce, and present considerations to optimize system performance. A simulation case-study will be used to illustrate the impact of design impairments on system EVM performance. An R&D testbed for emerging wideband millimeter-wave applications will be applied to 802.11ay and the considerations and tradeoffs in achieving good EVM performance will be discussed. 


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Introducing Rel-16 of the 5G NR Physical Layer

5G New Radio (NR) is finally here. The first NR release was completed in June 2018. The conclusion of NR Rel-15 filled the gaps left by the earlier version published in December 2017, such as stand-alone connectivity and URLLC use cases.

And now, while the industry is working hard on deploying the first commercial 5G NR networks, the work on the first evolution of NR has already started. NR Rel-16 is in its very early stages and it is expected to be complete by the end of 2019.

This webinar summarizes the 3GPP physical layer workplan for Rel-16 and explores the current status of the main features to be introduced in Rel-16: non-orthogonal multiple access, unlicensed access, V2X, MIMO enhancements, UE power saving, UE positioning and URLLC enhancements.


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Making Connectivity Easy with the Synergy Platform Wireless Framework

Adding Wireless connectivity to Embedded Systems Has Not been Easy - Until Now. Integrating Wi-Fi connectivity into embedded systems is often complicated and requires developers to get support from many disparate vendors such as MCU suppliers, Wi-Fi chipset or module makers, software protocol providers, and even development tool vendors. In this webinar, we are going to explore how the Renesas Synergy Platform Wireless framework removes these complications and allows developers more time to innovate and differentiate their end-products, rather than worrying about the underlying connectivity details.


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Millimeter-wave Measurement Challenges

In order to address wide bandwidth requirements of next generation wireless and radar systems, researchers are exploring millimeter-wave bands. Compared to traditional bandwidths used at sub 6 GHz for cellular communications, the use of hundreds or even several GHz of spectrum at these higher frequencies requires new components with much higher physical tolerances to achieve the desired performance. The techniques used to measure the RF performance of these new devices require special consideration. This presentation will cover the basics of making measurements at millimeter-wave frequencies as it relates to transmission line theory, connector topology, and over-the-air transmission and will also examine a number of associated design and measurement challenges at these wider bandwidths.


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