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Read, learn and connect with the latest breaking news and hot topics in telecommunications,  featuring discussions and news on ComSoc conferences or awards.

IEEE ComSoc Technology Blog

The IEEE ComSoc Technology Blog delivers the latest breaking news and analysis regarding telecommunications and networking. It provides interesting and timely news and information relevant to communications professionals.

IEEE ComSoc Young Professionals Blog

The IEEE ComSoc Young Professionals Blog offers lively discussions about topics that are of interest to the young Communications engineers, which include professional and career development, hot topics in research, and news regarding conferences or awards.

Selected Ideas in Communications Blog

This is a monthly blog by the Editor in Chief (EIC) of IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (IEEE JSAC). From the IEEE JSAC published within a given month, the EIC selects one (sometimes more than one) article and writes a brief blog post of the main ideas presented in the article. Furthermore, the EIC will solicit and integrate inputs/opinions from the authors of the article.