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About ComSoc


The IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) promotes the advancement of science, technology and applications in communications and related disciplines. It fosters presentation and exchange of information among its members and the technical community throughout the world. The Society maintains the highest standard of professionalism and technical competency.

IEEE ComSoc Brand System Infographic
IEEE ComSoc Brand System Infographic

The Importance of Branding

A brand is a collection of symbols, experiences, and associations that shape how others perceive a product, service, or company. A logo alone, for example, is not a brand but simply a component of a brand. Websites, social media accounts, mobile applications, brochures, events, and even people are also components of a brand.

A strong brand is synonymous with trust in the hearts and minds of an organization's audience. This trust is built over time through careful positioning of the brand at every touch point. Brand trust must be reinforced through strong alignment of messaging and visual representation.

IEEE Brand

ComSoc serves the communications technology and communications engineering community and is a part of the IEEE family of brands.

Read the IEEE Brand Identity Guidelines.