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About ComSoc

Between BoG meetings, OpCom conducts business on behalf of the BoG and is comprised of a subset of the BoG members. OpCom approved actions shall become effective immediately if within the scope of the delegations assigned by the BoG to OpCom.  Actions not within such delegation shall be submitted to the BoG for approval in the consent agenda or for further consideration at its next meeting.

Committee Roster

Chair (President, ex officio) | Xuemin (Sherman) Shen (2022-2023)

Voting Members

President-Elect | Robert Schober (2023)
Vice Presidents | Ana García Armada (2022-2023), Nelson Fonseca (2022-2023), Chengshan Xiao (2022-2023), Wei Zhang (2022-2023)
MALs (class representatives) | Hanna Bogucka (2023-2025), Yuguang (Michael) Fang (2022-2024), Sumei Sun (2021-2023)
IEEE Division III Delegate/Director | Khaled B. Letaief (2022-2023)

Non-Voting Members

Chief Information Officer | Rose Hu (2022-2023)
Chief Marketing Officer | Fambirai Takawira (2022-2023)
Treasurer | Stan Moyer (2023)
Society Parliamentarian | Zhi Ding (2022-2023)
Executive Director | Harold Tepper

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