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Congratulations to the Newly Elected 2023 IEEE Fellows

"The ComSoc Board of Governors congratulates our newly elevated IEEE Fellows," said Xuemin (Sherman) Shen, IEEE Communications Society President. "Each year, our ComSoc Fellows Evaluation Committee, led this year by Chairwoman Sumei Sun, reviews qualified candidates and selects those whose contributions to communications engineering deliver industry-wide impact. We are honored to have the new class of Fellows as an esteemed and distinguished group of contributors within our ComSoc community. Congratulations to all!"

Election to the grade of IEEE Fellow is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon our members by the Institute in recognition of their technical, educational, and leadership achievements. Only a select few IEEE members earn this prestigious honor.

Sixty-three IEEE Communications Society members elevated to the grade of IEEE Fellow for 2023.

Kemal Akkaya
for contributions to routing and topology management in wireless ad hoc and sensor networks

Joao Barros
for contributions to physical-layer security and vehicular networking

Ertugrul Basar
for contributions to physical-layer design for next-generation wireless networks

Raymond Beausoleil
for contributions to classical and quantum communication and computation

Maite Brandt-Pearce
for contributions to optical wireless and fiber communications

Constantine Caramanis
for contributions to robust statistics and optimization in high dimensions

Tsung-Hui Chang
for contributions to distributed optimization methods and their applications in signal processing and wireless communications

Symeon Chatzinotas
for contributions to precoding technologies for multiple antennas

Guihai Chen
for contributions to large-scale distributed network architecture

Julian Cheng
for contributions to mathematical modeling of wireless systems and energy-efficient resource management of wireless networks

Jinho Choi
for contributions to multiple access signal processing systems

Jong-Moon Chung
for contributions in consumer wireless communications and networking systems technology

Song Ci
for contributions to reconfigurable electric vehicle batteries

Harpreet Dhillon
for contributions to heterogeneous cellular networks

Roberto Di Pietro
for contributions to the security of distributed systems

Guangjie Han
for contributions to Internet of Underwater Things and Industrial Internet of Things

Wonbin Hong
for contributions to millimeter-wave mobile and base station antennas

Muhammad Imran
for contributions to energy efficient and self-organized wireless systems

Uma Jha
for advancements in multi-standard and multi-function wireless communication system design

Hai Jiang
for contributions to cognitive radio networking and wireless performance analysis

Marios Kountouris
for contributions to optimization and multi-antenna techniques in heterogeneous wireless networks

Bhaskar Krishnamachari
for contributions to algorithms and protocols for wireless networks

Minglu Li
for contributions to wireless sensor and vehicular networks

Christina Lim
for contributions in hybrid fiber-wireless communications technology

Andrew Lord
for contributions to optical networking

Michail Matthaiou
for contributions to fundamental research and practical implementation of massive MIMO

Gerald Matz
for contributions to signal processing for communications in nonstationary environments

Ralf Reiner Mueller
for contributions to the design and analysis of large multiantenna and multiple-access systems

Gabriel Miro Muntean
for contributions in multimedia quality in heterogeneous network environments

Chandra Murthy
for contributions to Bayesian sparse signal recovery and energy harvesting communications

Tze Sing Eugene Ng
for contributions to circuit-switched innovations in datacenter network and scalable methods for Internet delay estimation

Hideki Ochiai
for contributions to power and spectral efficient wireless communication

Ye Ouyang
for leadership in network intelligence and self-organizing cellular networks

Jianping Pan
for contributions to topology control of wireless networks

Yihong Qi
for contributions to over-the-air testing of massive MIMO systems and development of over-the-air measurement systems

Miguel Raul Rodrigues
for contributions to multimodal data processing and foundations of reliable and secure communications

Laurent Schmalen
for contributions to the design of error correction and modulation techniques for optical networks

Ping Shum
for pioneering contributions in optical fiber-based technologies and their diverse applications

Houbing Song
for contributions to big data analytics and integration of AI with Internet of Things

Thomas Stockhammer
for contributions to media delivery and video streaming standards

Changho Suh
for contributions to interference management and distributed storage codes

Smail Tedjini
for contributions to the development of harmonic backscattering RFID systems and chipless tag solutions

Olav Tirkkonen
for contributions in the theory and practice of wireless communications technology and standards

Massimo Tornatore
for contributions to machine-learning and optimization algorithms for resource management in optical networks

Piet Van Mieghem
for contributions to network modeling and quality of service-based routing

Jianping Wang
for contributions to resiliency of complex systems

Qian Wang
for contributions to secure cloud data storage and wireless system security

Xin Wang
for outstanding contributions to wireless localization and dynamic resource allocation in broadband mobile networks

Stefan Werner
for contributions to in-band full-duplex wireless communication systems and selective data-reuse online learning

Tilman Wolf
for contributions to design of network processors and in-network processing services

Kaishun Wu
for contributions to wireless sensing and ubiquitous computing

Kun Yang
for contributions to resource management in wireless networks

Quan Yu
for technical leadership in radio and space-air-ground integrated network technologies

Shui Yu
for contributions to cyber security and privacy

Shucheng Yu
for contributions to information and network security

Haijun Zhang
for contributions to radio-resource management in heterogeneous networks

Yao Zhao
for contributions to image/video analysis and multimedia content protection

Zibin Zheng
for contributions to blockchain reliability engineering

Gang Zhou
for contributions to sensor networks and low-power wireless networks

Xiangyun Zhou
for contributions to physical layer security and wireless powered communications

Yongxing Zhou
for contributions to MIMO Beamforming codebooks and smart spectrum access in wireless networks

Haojin Zhu
for contributions to Vehicular Networks and  Internet-of-Things Security

Zuqing Zhu
for contributions to elastic optical networking and network virtualization